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“What You Don’t Know Could Burn You”

JohnDow Industries Offers A Guide On How To Avoid The Unknown Dangers Of Handling Fuel In The Auto Service Shop

Today, gasoline tanks are frequently removed or drained to replace the fuel pump, service the fuel pump, replace the tank due to damage, or to remove contaminated fuel. If auto service shops are not following proper procedures or using the approved equipment, they could be facing OSHA violations and fines as well as property
damage and personal injury.

The purpose of a recently completed comprehensive guide by JohnDow Industries is to educate the reader on the best practices for handling gasoline and other fuels in the service department. It also details available equipment, the current certification requirements, and potential dangers and

As the largest supplier of Gas Caddy’s in North America, JDI feels the responsibility to communicate through this guide to shop owners, managers, and technicians, that a potential hazard does exist in the transferring of fuels. The purpose of the piece is to educate, and make fuel handling safer and easier.. Plans are to distribute the guide through all available communications channels.

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About JohnDow Industries 

JohnDow Industries is a manufacturer of automotive shop equipment and supplies. Brands include Fuel Chief, Portable Fuel & Handling; Crew Chief, Used Oil & Fluid Handling; EuroVent, Vehicle Exhaust Extraction; JohnDow, Automotive Service Equipment; and Shop RX, Automotive Service Supplies.

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Wed. May 27th, 2020

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