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Battery Thermal Management System Designed to Protect Battery Pack From Over and Subzero Temperature

Superlattice Power Inc. an emerging leader in the development and marketing of next generation lithium-powered batteries worldwide, proudly announces a fully automatic thermal management system to drive electric vehicles powered by lithium ion polymer batteries under extreme weather conditions.

Using 29.6 kilowatt hours of lithium ion battery the researchers of SLAT investigated the factors and range of operating temperatures affecting lithium ion battery performance.

The thermal management system will control the temperature of battery pack and electric vehicle can safely be used in regions with extreme climate temperature ranging from -30 degreesC to +60 degreesC. The newly developed thermal management system will maintain battery temperature within the range of 15 degreesC to 25 degreesC during driving and parking. Safety and battery performance issues related to high/low temperature will be controlled by this new thermal management package.

It has been recommended by all lithium ion battery manufacturers that the efficiency of battery decreases significantly and it is also unsafe when used at subzero temperature. Similarly, it is unsafe to use battery pack or charge when the temperature is above 60 degreesC.

The objective of Superlattice Power Inc. is to manufacture and develop the safe rechargeable lithium ion batteries for onboard energy storage in HEVs and EVs. The technical success of the company is insured by its proprietary battery module design, battery cell management systems, charging algorithm and battery thermal management system. Superlattice Power has a team well trained in lithium ion battery technology and has received support from different manufacturers worldwide.

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Wed. July 17th, 2024

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