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Modern Technology Corp Announces Shipping of OEM Version of Emissions Control EC-1 System

Modern Technology Corp announces its EC-1 series of Emissions Control Systems is available as OEM sub-component for internal combustion and power generation systems. Orders and shipping begin immediately.

The OEM EC-1 is designed for the reduction and elimination of emissions created by any internal combustion engine. Primary applications include motor vehicles and stationary power generation systems.

The OEM version of the emissions control system is available immediately. Parties interested in ordering the system or becoming a distributor are asked to inquire at

System pricing ranges from $249 to $699 depending on application and requirements. Custom configurations can be ordered in any quantity for any size emissions control application.

The OEM EC-1 Emissions Control System includes all necessary components to custom engineer or retro-fit existing or newly designed internal combustion engines. It has been specifically engineered to significantly reduce or completely eliminate exhaust emissions for both gasoline- and diesel-powered systems. The EC-1 creates hydrogen fuel on-demand, causing a more complete and cleaner burn inside the engine.

The Company intends to market its OEM EC-1 systems through power system manufacturers and installers, national parts distributors, regional direct distribution through local partners, and international distribution through various supply partners.

New applications for the Gen-H and EC-1 series of products are under constant development and will be announced accordingly.

Investors can expect further updates on the following:

— Improved online order entry and shipping application to handle
distributors and customer orders
— New distributor and applications for the OEM EC-1 for Electrical Power
Generation using multi-fuel
— New Emissions control target markets and international partners for
— Licensing agreements for OEM emissions and fuel efficiency
enhancements for bio-fuel generators
— New product manufacturing and shipping facilities will be announced
— Anticipated additional portfolio acquisitions adding revenues of $5-
$15 million

MODC acquires promising technology companies and related assets to promote their growth and development. The company provides interim management and related services to its portfolio and client companies. It builds revenues and asset value through a model of continuous growth and derives further income from appreciation of its portfolio and licensing or revenue-sharing agreements. Web:

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Sat. July 13th, 2024

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