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Automated Archiving Solution Provides Peace of Mind for Auto Dealers

The Client: 

With more than 200 employees and six locations, maintaining an effective electronic document retention program can be a challenge for the small IT staff at Dick Scott Automotive in Plymouth, MI. A family-owned business with a 25-year history, the company is no stranger to industry-standard finance and insurance document policies, but, like many other businesses, its growing dependence on e-mail as a means to conduct business has added an entirely new dimension to its electronic records retention program.

The Challenge: 

Determined to achieve full compliance with the e-mail retention guidelines set forth by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and the Detroit Auto Dealers Association (DADA), system administrator Denise Stark says the company implemented a new e-mail retention policy, but quickly realized they had a major hurdle.

“We put the policy into place, but we had little ability to enforce it without relying on individual users at their specific workstations,” Stark said. “It was neither effective nor efficient; we needed something more reliable, an automated solution that could enforce the retention policy for us.”

The Solution: 

At the recommendation of their IT service provider, Dick Scott Automotive deployed RestorEmail by Greenview Data to automatically and conveniently archive all e-mails sent and received through the Dick Scott servers. In addition to archiving all the mail, RestorEmail also allows individual users to access their own archived e-mail for quick and easy retrieval when needed.

As an added bonus, every email is filtered for spam using Greenview Data’s award-winning SpamStopsHere, the most accurate hosted e-mail spam filtering solution available. By catching 99 percent of all spam, while ensuring the delivery of 99.999 percent of legitimate e-mail, SpamStopsHere adds an additional layer of protection to Dick Scott Automotive’s corporate e-mail policy.

The Result: 

“With RestorEmail, we don’t have to be concerned about enforcing the policy. It’s our safety net – it gives us peace of mind in knowing that it’s being taken care of,” Stark said. “It gives us the ability to specify the time frame for how long the data should be retained, and we really appreciate the personal attention and outstanding service we get from the support staff.”

“SpamStopsHere has also cut down tremendously on the amount of spam we receive,” Stark added. “The fact that they monitor with a human touch and take into consideration the type of business you operate ensures that legitimate, pertinent e-mails do get through, without all the other garbage that wastes time.”

For more information about Greenview Data’s RestorEmail automated e-mail archiving solution or its award-winning SpamStopsHere e-mail spam filter, visit

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Sat. July 20th, 2024

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