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A selection of quotes from the latest issue of Automotive Industries 

• Simon Fürst, new spokesperson for the Autosar Development Partnership. “Release 4.0 is a major Release from Autosar, and we expect it to become the baseline for all further development” 

• Harald Hammer, Vice President Business Unit mobility at Borealis. “In the current climate this means bringing products to market that deliver the step change in cost-efficiency, weight reduction and environmental performance that the industry requires,” 

• Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association. “The future of auto electronics will be on display at the 2010 International CES.” 

• Roelof Westerbeek, president DSM Engineering Plastics. “Metal-to-plastic conversions can be seen in applications such as air inlet manifolds, air ducts, oil sumps, turbo parts, timing systems and other powertrain components” 

• Daniel Hotzy, General Manager, Eberspächer Electronics. “We help the car manufacturers cope with short development times and small budgets” 

• Dr. Ali Reza Arabnia, president and CEO of Geico. “Geico’s new internationalization initiative, allGeicoproject has doubled its annual turnover in just three years from its inception.” 

• Graham Smethurst, President of GENIVI. “The GENIVI Alliance is a result of the auto industry recognizing that infotainment is not an area of the car that it can completely control. Unlike body, chassis and powertrain systems many customer expectations for infotainment are set by the major consumer sector players.” 

• Dieter Schlenkermann, CEO GETRAG Group. “New regulations require new and innovative technologies, particularly within transmissions. For example, by 2020, CO2 emissions for every new car in Europe must lie below 95 grams per kilometer.” 

• Gyorgy Retfalvi, general director of the Hungarian Investment and Trade Development Agency. “Small and medium-sized local automotive companies have become stable and strategic partners of locally based, and Western European car manufacturers.” 

• Dan Cauchy, VP of Marketing at MontaVista Software Inc. “We have demonstrated the capability to perform a Linux kernel boot in less than one second and we will continue to improve on this technology.” 

• Rick Clemmer, president and CEO of NXP. “Designers need to be able to mix analog and digital circuitry to achieve the greatest precision, highest bandwidth or lowest power consumption.” 

• Eric Riyahi, Executive OEM Director, PARROT. “Automotive connectivity should keep the pace with mobile devices and enable drivers to enjoy a smartphone-like feature embedded in their vehicles.” 

• Scott Phillips, President of Sciaky. “Manufacturers finally have a true Direct Manufacturing solution that will save money and boost efficiency.” 

• Martin Reber, CEO of SVOX. “The next ‘big thing’ in speech user interfaces is flexible dialog – a solution that allows the user to communicate with the car as if it were a human being.” 

• Markus Stolz, Director Marketing and Finance Telemotive Inc. “At the moment data analysis is mainly an issue at premium OEMs, but we are hoping that others will acknowledge that this kind of investment can save a lot of money in the end.” 

• Curt Moore, General Manager, AEC-Automotive Business at Texas Instruments. “Since software effort dominates customer development costs, we deliver a common, compatible software platform with a broad range of features and pricing to enable developers to leverage their engineering investment and deliver a wide variety of products.” 

• Inigo Palacio Prade, chairman, Global Automotive Industry Network (GAIN), World LP Gas Association (WLPGA). “Autogas delivers significant CO2 and urban pollutants benefits versus traditional fuels and the reality is that these fuels will continue to be used for many years. 14.6 million motorists worldwide use autogas today and there are also opportunities emerging for LP Gas to be used in hybrid applications with electricity.” 

The AuDaConCONTROL service system offers vehicle manufacturers the opportunity to safeguard and significantly increase their market share in the intensely competitive fleet sector.

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Sun. July 21st, 2024

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