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AVEC Launches New Website and Business Model

Axial Vector Energy Corporation has announced that its new corporate website including special access for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers for Engines) has now been launched.

A comprehensive update letter from the new Chairman, Mr. Samuel Higgins and President & CEO, Mr. Sanjai Chhaunker will also be included. In addition, two videos will be featured. The first video will provide an overall explanation of the benefits of the AVEC family of technologies. The second video will give a detailed ‘tour’ of the operating engine, generator, and engine control system. Mr. Sanjai, Chhaunker, President & CEO stated, “The combination of these completed technologies clearly show that the several years and multi-million dollar development program have been worth it.” Mr. Chhaunker went on to say, “Much lower fuel consumption, dramatically lower emissions, the ability to run effortlessly on non-fossil fuels, and the ability to remotely monitor and do diagnostics will allow rapid deployment around the world.”

Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AVEC) is a global solutions provider that owns, develops, invests in and licenses revolutionary technologies including internal combustion engine and electric power generator technologies that have unlimited potential in military, industrial and commercial applications. AVEC and its partners are positioned to become unrivalled leaders in international engine and energy markets with technologies that produce more efficient, cost effective, environmentally sensitive and versatile solutions for use in a wide variety of important applications around the world.