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Energy Quest Near Finalizing Sale of Modular Biomass Power Plants

Energy Quest, an emerging leader in alternative energy, has announced that it is near signing a purchase agreement with Jinbhuvish Power Generation Pvt. Ltd. (JPGPL) for several of its modern 6.7 megawatt Modular Power Plant (MPP) systems which will use an efficient biomass preparation process and advanced modular gasification to generate electricity. The 6.7 MW module is self sufficient to run independently or synchronously with many modules allowing a build up to a 12, 24, 40 or 60 MW energy system. This would allow for total plant reliability far exceeding today’s plants made up of one large system. This concept allows for one 6.7 MW module to be shut down for maintenance while maintaining part of the plant output. The MPP energy plant will have a primary biomass receiving and preparation station(s) capable of processing and converting the required tons per day of biomass to a clean form to be used in the plant gasifiers. The biomass preparation system is simple to adjust and modify to supply multiple 6.7 MW gasification generator systems. Total fabrication and installation time for the MPP would be 12-14 months.

EQI’s technology uses gasification processes to convert any carbon based material into a synthetic gas. Gasification uses heat and pressure which converts any carbon containing materials into synthetic gas composed primarily of carbon monoxide and hydrogen which has a large number of uses. Gasification can add value to low or negative value feed stocks by converting them to marketable fuels. The feed stocks used to create synthetic gas depend on what is readily available. For example, in Alberta, tar sands provide an abundant fuel source. Many applications in India under consideration utilize cane stock (bagasse) from farming waste. Urban applications can include garbage and tires. Throughout North America, forestry, pulp and paper waste and biomass can be converted into a synthesis gas and fed back into power plants. Various other industrial wastes can be fed back into plants to recycle “lost energy” that would otherwise go to landfills.

Each 6.7 MW biomass power plant will generate over 80,000 tons per year of Greenhouse Gas (CO2, Methane) credits because of its method of generation. These Greenhouse Gas (GHG) credits would be sold to brokers or existing coal plant generator.

The modular power plant could also be designed to capture CO2 stack gases which could be used for CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) in local existing depleted oil wells. The CO2 could also be used for Greenhouses and Algae growing operations.

Energy Quest will provide the proprietary technologies, equipment and Agreement for project management for five (5) years for the complete gasification to Power plant, while JPGPL will provide the supply of bagasse (biomass) feedstock and site location for the plant.

“We look forward to selling our first biomass to power modular power plant. A lot of creative thought by many people went into the design of the EQ multi-fuel modular gasification power plant. This plant is being commercialized in order to provide electrical power for areas in desperate need of increasing their electrical power supply to end users. We intend to invite other power companies, industries and governmental bodies to view the technology to show that it is possible to build low cost and efficient power generation system in an environmental responsible way where large supplies of biomass feedstocks exist,” stated Wilf Ouellette, President and CEO of Energy Quest, Inc.

About Energy Quest

Energy Quest, Inc. a Nevada corporation, with its subsidiaries, WaveChem, Inc. (, and Syngas Energy Corp., is an emerging leader in the development and marketing of low-cost alternate fuels worldwide. Through superior technology, the Company is focused on becoming a GreenPowerhouse(TM). Record energy prices, combined with the global focus moving rapidly towards addressing pollution, has heightened the need for sustainable, zero emission energy. Energy Quest’s technology is based on clean, renewable energy, positioning it to benefit from global trends. Web-site

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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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