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Syntec Biofuel Disturbed by Headlines in Wall Street Journal: “US Biofuel Boom Running on Empty”

Syntec Biofuel Inc.’s CEO, Michael Jackson addressed the front page headlines in the WSJ’s “US BIOFUEL BOOM RUNNING ON EMPTY” article. Jackson is concerned with the impression given out by the media that all Biofuel technologies are equal, which is not true.

As a quick lesson Jackson explains, “Biodiesel is typically made from edible oils such as soy, canola, palm etc. which have impact on food and Biodiesel pricing as commodity prices increase. Ethanol has historically been produced from sugarcane and corn via fermentation, again with ethical issues around food and land. Ethanol can also be produced by converting cellulosic biomass into sugars followed by fermentation. Syntec Biofuel’s technology is based on a simple thermo-chemical process which gasifies sustainable, low cost MSW, wood and agricultural waste and produces a syngas which is reacted with Syntec’s patent pending Catalysts to produce not only Ethanol but biomethanol and other high value alcohols such as propanol and butanol. We are confident that, having the ability to produce 4 alcohols at under 88c a gallon, we can hedge against the vagaries of biofuel price fluctuations.” Mr. Jackson believes that 2nd generation thermo-chemical technology is the wave of the future as it is ethically, economically and ecologically superior. Syntec expects to commercialize their technology in 2010.

About Syntec Biofuel: Syntec Biofuel is a Washington State corporation, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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Sat. July 20th, 2024

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