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Central communication and invoicing tool for workshops, fleet operators and manufacturers

The simple, yet comprehensive control system allows vehicle repair shops to concentrate on their core competencies whilst handling the administration side of the business.

For example, once a fleet vehicle is brought into the workshop for servicing, the dealership opens a new repair or service request online. Only the servicing tasks that are applicable to the specific vehicle can be selected from the application’s menu. Combination tasks are taken into consideration in the calculations. Further repair information, such as technical manuals and technical data, setting values and filling capacities, are also optionally available on a vehicle-specific basis.

Technology is helping OEMs provide one stop services to the sought-after fleet market.

AuDaCon is able to offer workshop operators, fleet managers, leasing companies and manufacturers a central and efficient handling system for servicing and wearwork. This is thanks to the new AuDaConCONTROL online platform service system.

The AuDaConCONTROL service system offers vehicle manufacturers the opportunity to safeguard and significantly increase their market share in the intensely competitive fleet sector. Access to the market segment of fleets and leasing is obtained through centralizing and optimizing the processes involved. In the past, companies were forced to go to several different partners for maintenance and repair work. However, through the new AuDaConCONTROL service system, all of these tasks can now be handled entirely by one connected trading partner, according to the company.

AuDaConCONTROL offers a central handling platform between individual workshops and leasing companies or fleet operators.

On the fleet side, the tasks requested can be edited, released or rejected item by item. There is also an option for manual release. A large portion of the servicing and wear information is handled by the AuDaConCONTROL service system resulting in a significant decrease in administration.

According to AuDaConCONTROL project manager, Frank Johne, “There are benefits derived from the system for all the parties involved. The main strengths of the system are its high flexibility and the complete automation of the background processes.”

Through the handling platform on the internet, leasing companies and fleet operators only have one central invoicing partner for the entire workshop business. Companies can work with each other on a very professional level, with servicing and wear topics handled digitally.

“By integrating the additional ‘Clearing’ module, companies can control the transfer of money on a process-oriented basis,” says Johne. Not only is the standardized computing system fully digital, it also offers other significant benefits for fleet managers including saving time and effort and increasing customer satisfaction.

“The internet platform serves as a handling and invoicing partner for the participating workshops. As soon as a request has been made, it is manually or automatically released and the clearing house collects and processes the financial requirements,” says Johne. The collected request data is forwarded to the leasing companies or fleet operators in established invoicing cycles, negating the need for numerous single receipts. “Thanks to its clear and flexible structure, AuDaConCONTROL is also designed to be used in other service applications such as glass repairs or tire sales as well as for international use,” says Johne.

The AuDaConCONTROL system functions allow both classic, paper-supported handling and fully digital operation, provided the respective legislative bodies permit this.

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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