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Hy9 Introduces Economic Hydrogen Purifiers for Multi-Billion Dollar Industrial & Clean Energy Market

Hy9 Corporation (, a leading manufacturer of hydrogen generators and hydrogen purifiers being deployed around the world for use in portable and stationary/backup power, industrial gas and transportation applications, is introducing its newly designed HPS family of palladium multi-membrane hydrogen purifiers. In industrial markets, these systems are used for hydrogen purification, recycling and generation for electric power generator cooling, glass and semiconductor manufacture and metal treating. In energy and transportation markets, Hy9’s purifiers are used in power generation, combined heat and power, backup power, vehicle refueling and powering fork lift trucks. These economic and scalable HPS purifiers are presently available for applications requiring hydrogen capacities ranging from 100 cc/min. to 100,000 scfh.

“Hy9’s palladium membrane purifiers ensure reliable production of high purity hydrogen, eliminating the need for other less reliable, uneconomic or ineffective purification techniques. When coupled to fuel reformers and PEM fuel cells to generate power, our hydrogen generators and hydrogen purifiers contribute to significant efficiency and performance gains due to our industry leading purification technology,” states Brad Bradshaw, Hy9 CEO.

Economic — Hy9’s HPS hydrogen purifiers incorporate design changes focused on advancing the cost performance of hydrogen purification.
Our systems are designed for manufacture, utilize standard materials and manufacturing processes, and are designed to achieve high throughput utilization. Our planar designs have been refined over many years to ensure the combination of robust performance while continuously improving economic performance.

Robust and Reliable Designs — Hy9 hydrogen purifiers employ planar palladium/copper alloy materials that are not subject to hydrogen induced metal fatigue during thermal cycles as are other palladium alloys. Hy9 has close to 1,000 hydrogen purifiers operating in customer facilities with approximately 3 million hours of operation over a period of nearly 9 years. The HPS purifier is an absolute barrier to contaminants, allowing only pure hydrogen to pass through the membrane. Customers no longer need be concerned with the potential damage that could result from impurities in the product stream.

Based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts (USA), Hy9 Corporation designs, manufactures and sells low-cost, high-performance hydrogen generators and purifiers for the portable and stationary/backup power, industrial gas and transportation markets. Hy9 recently introduced our HGS family of hydrogen generators for backup and stationary power, targeting wireless telecommunications and combined heat and power applications. Hy9’s HGS family of hydrogen generators run on either methanol or natural gas, reliably, efficiently and cost effectively producing high purity hydrogen for PEM fuel cells. Hy9’s HPS purifiers give customers the assurance that they are consistently and reliably receiving hydrogen for their applications at greater than 99.9999% purity.

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Wed. February 28th, 2024

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