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For many years PPG has worked closely with Lamborghini to develop colours that will enhance the design of these prestigious Italian automobiles. The introduction of matt finishes is set to be the latest fashion.

Lamborghini was one of the leaders of this trend when it introduced its Black Gallardo in 2006, featuring matt-black body parts. Following this initiative, a growing number of automakers are now using matt finish to highlight particular car body details.

The exciting progression of matt colours is a direct result of the close collaboration between Lamborghini and PPG Refinish. This led to the development of PPG’s new D8113 clear matt coat, designed to create a sports car effect and to accentuate these models’ style.

This partnership also involves Lamborghini’s global support network. Achieving the special matt effect that enhances the car’s allure requires specific repair cycles and the use of dedicated, reliable, high-performing products. To ensure that its network was able to make repairs that would maintain and reinforce the brand’s high-quality reputation, a worldwide training programme, focusing on matt colours, was initiated for all bodyshops specializing in the repair of these prestigious automobiles. This ensures that the repairs are carried out by specialized workshops after receiving specific training through PPG’s Training Centres worldwide, confirming once again the exclusive nature of these models and of matt finish.

Developed by PPG technicians and approved by Lamborghini, these training sessions focused on the matt finish repair process, designed to expand the operators’ skills in the use of specific painting systems and to allow them to learn techniques that ensure the best final result. Special attention has been placed on the repair of Nemesis black matt paint, one of the hardest to achieve, and on matt clearcoat application technique and drying time. The course has been shared with all PPG training centres worldwide, creating a unique Lamborghini matt colour repair network.

To reinforce its total technical support, PPG also developed a manual, approved by the Lamborghini Aftersales organisation, dedicated to the network of body shops specializing in Lamborghini vehicles worldwide and can be accessed by the entire global repair network. This details specific products to be used in each geographical area, depending on different regulations or logistic reasons.

“All of our matt and special colour cars are hand painted. We had to find a product that would not only ensure the aesthetic quality sought by our designers, but also meet the high performance standards required. PPG supported us once again, as it has done throughout the years of our collaboration, during all the development stages: from product engineering to quality tests and training programmes for our Customer Support points,” says Claudio Nannetti, Quality Manager at Automobili Lamborghini. “The Lamborghini/PPG partnership is extremely successful and has led to excellent results. In over twenty years, we developed many painting processes for a range of different materials, from aluminium to composites, and countless finishes, including four-coat and matt finishes. Today, we are ready for new challenges and new research projects.”

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Fri. February 23rd, 2024

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