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The Science and Theories Behind Drag Reducing Vehicle Wrap Material

The Science and Theories Behind Drag Reducing Vehicle Wrap Material, Exclusively Distributed by SkinzWraps, Finds Support in Newest Episode of Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters

SkinzWraps has announces that it is already testing the third generation of MPG-Plus(TM), which is designed to have better results than the first generation and costs approximately 1/4 less to produce. SkinzWraps also confirms today that it has successfully expanded the use of MPG-Plus(TM) outside the vehicle wrap market and is now testing in a specific “environmentally green” market.

“It was great that the Mythbusters’ newest episode (10/21 air date) took on the ‘dimple car vs. smooth car’ debate. In addition to thoroughly explaining the science and theory behind the concept, this episode, to the excited surprise of the show’s two hosts, successfully demonstrated that a dimpled vehicle gets significantly better fuel economy than a smooth vehicle,” says Peter C. Salaverry, Chairman & CEO of SkinzWraps, Inc. He adds, “We experienced a similar excited surprise when we began our testing of FastSkinz MPG-Plus(TM) several years ago. We are now focusing our efforts with regards to MPG-Plus(TM) on the logistics of large scale rollouts for trucking and fleet vehicles, reducing the production costs, perfecting our color matching technology, and expanding outside the vehicle market.”

About MPG-Plus(TM)

MPG-Plus(TM) is a patent pending, drag reducing vehicle wrap material. MPG-Plus(TM) is 100% American Made. MPG-Plus(TM) is the flagship product of FastSkinz, Inc., a company formed by SkinzWraps, Inc. in 2008. SkinzWraps, Inc. is the exclusive distributor for MPG-Plus(TM).

About SkinzWraps, Inc.

SkinzWraps, Inc. is the industry’s leading vehicle wrap company offering a full suite of solutions, award-winning design, high definition printing, and expert installation. SkinzWraps, Inc. pioneered the concept of wrapping vehicles in 2001. SkinzWraps has wrapped over 6000 vehicles.

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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