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W2 Energy Partners With Toxco to Turn Old Batteries Into Energy

Leading Green Energy and Battery Recycling Companies Team to Create Electricity and Liquid Fuel from Battery Waste

W2 Energy, Inc, a developer of mass-to-energy technology, and Toxco, Inc., one of the world’s leading battery recyclers, announce they have entered into a joint venture in which W2 Energy will take approximately 600 tons yearly of carbon cake and plastics generated in Toxco’s battery recycling plant in British Columbia and will convert that battery waste into electricity and ultra low sulfur diesel.

“We think this is an excellent opportunity for Toxco to grow even more ‘green’ as a company,” says Kathy Bruce, Vice President of Toxco Canada. “We are committed to taking care of the planet and making good use of every part of these batteries.”

Through its Big Green Box program, Toxco receives batteries of all sorts from some of the largest and most environmentally progressive companies, municipalities and educational institutions in North America. Using a set of proprietary processes, Toxco safely strips the metals out of these batteries and sells it. Up until now Toxco has been sending the shredded battery cases to the landfill.

W2 Energy will be taking this waste, primarily plastic and carbon, and converting it electricity and diesel fuel using a set of technologies developed over the last nine years.

“Toxco is an ideal business partner for W2 Energy because they have already made such an impressive commitment to environmental sustainability,” says Mike McLaren, CEO of W2 Energy. “We are pleased to utilize this material in a way that provides sustainable benefits and produces the energy our society needs.”

W2 Energy’s technology will convert the hydrogen, carbon and oxygen which comprise Toxco’s battery waste into a renewable source of fuel and electricity.

“This joint venture is ideal for both Toxco and W2. We are giving them a high quality feedstock for their machine, and they are giving us the electricity and liquid fuel we use in our operations. That’s a win/win,” says Ms. Bruce.

W2 Energy will be building a mobile mass-to-energy unit which will fit on a single 45-foot truck trailer. Inside the truck will be a complete mass-to-energy plant which will process up to 4 tons per day of plastic and carbon waste. While this plant will require electricity to start it, once running, W2 Energy’s low temperature gasifier and high efficiency steam engine will actually generate excess electricity. The resulting synthetic gas will be converted into liquid fuel. That fuel will either be used by Toxco or sold to a fuel blender for resale.

The carbon and nitrogen oxides normally generated by combusting waste will be sequestered in the W2 Energy’s algae reactor, in which various strains of algae will grow on these flue gases. The resulting algae will be gasified and turned into more fuel and electricity.

About W2 Energy

W2 Energy trades in the United States on the OTC under the symbol “WTWO.” For further information, please contact Mike McLaren at (519) 341 3185 or

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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