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American Lithium Minerals Inc. Issues Letter From the President

American Lithium Minerals Inc.

— My name is Hugh Aird, and I am the new CEO of American Lithium Minerals Inc. (OTCBB: AMLM). It is my pleasure to issue this corporate status report to all our shareholders and any interested parties. In a very short period of time, American Lithium Minerals has garnered an exceptional amount of attention from the investment community due to our positioning in the emerging lithium sector. We have begun execution of a business plan that we believe should lead us to a dominant position in the discovery and production of Lithium. Lithium demand driven mainly by the escalation in production of hybrid-electric and electric cars, is expected to increase four-fold by 2017. Additionally, the price for this very rare commodity has risen dramatically in the last year as the world wide supply/demand status approaches severe levels. This is the opportunity American Lithium Minerals is now positioned to capitalize on; the following is a brief rundown of recent events that have put us in such an opportune situation.

— 6/16/09 – announced closing to acquire interest of 16,000 acres in the lithium-rich Montezuma Valley, Nevada.

— 9/23/09 – announced starting work on Montezuma Valley project, consisting of Gravity Survey and Electromagnetic Survey.

— 9/29/09 – appointed Former Vice-Chairman of Merrill Lynch Canada, Mr. Hugh Aird to head up Business Development and Mergers and Acquisitions for the company.

— 10/08/09 – appointed top Lithium Industry Executive, Ms. Judy Baker

— 11/03/09 – appointed former KPMG executive Mr. Chris Hobbs, CA to position of CFO

— 11/05/09 – announced Letter of Intent to Acquire Premier Lithium Property in Utah

— In addition the company has also recently been added to the Byron Securities Lithium Index and the Agoracom 100 list.

We have made a great deal of progress in a short period of time, and have put the people into place with the expertise that can assist American Lithium Minerals garner and maintain a leadership role in the lithium sector.

We will continue to develop the properties under our control, while adding more geologic expertise, and will continue to search for properties and acquisitions that provide unique opportunities. I thank you for your interest in and support of American Lithium Minerals Inc., please visit our website at and/or call our investor relations department at 877-717-2656.


Hugh Aird

CEO-American Lithium Minerals, Inc

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