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Strategy Analytics: Bosch Leading In Automotive Stop-Start Systems

Already Sold Its Millionth System, Modified Starters to Hit 16 Million by 2016

The Strategy Analytics Insight, “Bosch Leading The Stop-Start Market,” reports on changes in the automotive stop-start market—systems which are designed to turn off the engine when vehicles are stationary in order to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

Recent changes favoring Bosch in the Stop-Stop market include:

•the move toward consumer purchase of compact models due to the recession;
•cash-for-clunkers-types of incentives which encourage the purchase of compact cars;
•tougher fuel economy and emissions control mandates imposed on car makers; and
•the need to offer efficiency sub-brands ahead of rivals.
In addition, Strategy Analytics now expects stronger demand for more efficient car parts built in emerging markets, like those made in India for export to Europe. The modified starter system offers a quicker, more cost-effective solution over rival starter-alternators.

“Strategy Analytics had thought that there would be room in the market for both modified starters and starter-alternators. However, the overall automotive market favors modified starters,” according to the author of this Insight, Kevin Mak, Industry Analyst of the Strategy Analytics Automotive Electronics Service. “Furthermore, low-cost mild hybrid power trains—and full hybrid power trains—are increasing pressure on the belt-driven starter-alternator.”

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Sat. July 20th, 2024

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