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SVOX Releases New Version of its Speech Recognition Solution

SVOX, the leading provider of embedded speech solutions, has announced the immediate availability of v9.1 of its Speech Recognition technology. The new release is a significant improvement over the previous version and contains, among others, the following enhancements:

— Faster G2P (grapheme-to-phoneme”) calculation reduces the enrollment
time for newly plugged-in music libraries or large phone books;
— New enhanced acoustical models (HMMs) for German and US English allow
for best in class recognition results and one-shot destination entry;
— Support for Word Hypothesis Graph enables more intelligent
interpretation of recognition results, e.g. by the SVOX Dialog

— Introduction of optimized algorithms results in shorter response times
and lower CPU consumption.

The new release is immediately available to SVOX automotive and mobile customers as a part of SVOX Automotive ASR and SVOX Mobile ASR solutions in various configurations.

“This latest improvement of SVOX core Speech Recognition technology allows our automotive and mobile customers to achieve even higher recognition rates in even more difficult noise conditions,” said SVOX CEO Martin Reber. “We are now in this exciting moment where advances in the core technology and adoption rates fuel each other to produce a virtuous circle. It is especially the case in the mobile devices market where we currently see not only higher ASR and TTS penetration rates, but also significant improvements of user experience because of speech.”

SVOX Automotive ASR and SVOX Mobile ASR Speech Recognition solutions are highly portable and available in the following languages: Canadian French, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean (2010), Mandarin Chinese, North American Spanish, Portuguese, Russian (2010), Spanish, Swedish (2010), UK English, US English.


SVOX, a leading supplier of embedded speech solutions, has a reputation for quality and customer focus. SVOX drives adoption of speech user interfaces in automotive and mobile device industries. The company offers Speech Recognition (ASR), Speech Output (TTS) as well as complete Speech Dialog solutions. Our focus on quality and the use of flexible software architectures allows for optimized embedded speech solutions that can be easily tailored to customers’ technical requirements and market needs. For more information, please visit:

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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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