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ALTe’s Innovative Range Extended Electric Powertrain Technology is Poised to Revolutionize Sustainab

The engineering and technology company also named former Chrysler executives Tom LaSorda and Steven Landry to its Board

ALTe LLC, the Michigan-based engineering and technology company dedicated to advancing sustainable mobility, is featured in the latest issue of Forbes  due to its innovative range extended electric powertrain technology.

ALTe is the innovator and supplier of the Range Extended Electric Vehicle (REEV) powertrain system, used to retrofit existing vehicles to advance their fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Designed to replace a base V-8 internal combustion engine powertrain, the REEV system’s patented technology improves fuel economy from 80% to 200%. The system’s “plug-and-play” modularity enables the powertrain to expand or contract depending on the vehicle type, and can be applied to vehicles using any type of fuel.

“It is imperative to our environment that our society adopts increasingly sustainable methods of transportation, and the team at ALTe is committed to providing just that,” said John Thomas, CEO of ALTe LLC. “Our series plug-in hybrid provides the best transitional technology, based on the cost and distance or range limitations of current battery science.”

ALTe’s initial focus is on vehicles of low-to-medium duty fleets, which will obtain the greatest benefit of converting older, out-of-warranty vehicles from gasoline-powered engines to the REEV powertrain platform.

ALTe is also proud to announce the addition of former Chrysler executives Tom LaSorda and Steven Landry to its Board of Directors. LaSorda, former Chrysler Group President and CEO, joined the Board as ALTe’s Lead Director and investor. Landry, former EVP of North American Sales and Marketing and Global Service and Parts, joined the board to assist in dealer and business development for ALTe.

“We are proud to have Tom LaSorda and Steven Landry as members of our Board,” Thomas said. “Their experience and input will prove instrumental to our team.”

About ALTe LLC

ALTe LLC is an engineering and technology company committed to leading the evolution of the automobile industry from gasoline-powered vehicles to electric technology. With a unique combination of Detroit and Silicon Valley automotive engineering experience, the ALTe team is dedicated to innovation, excellence in engineering and operations, and advancing sustainable mobility for mankind. For more information, visit

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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