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Austin-Bergstrom International Airport’s New Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fueling Station

The City of Austin, Texas has awarded a 10-year contract to Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (Nasdaq: CLNE) to design, build, and maintain a new public access compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station located adjacent to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

“The station adds to the airport’s ongoing effort to reduce impact on the environment”
.The facility will operate 24/7 to support growing fleets of off-airport parking shuttle fleets operated by The Parking Spot and Airport Fast-Park; on-airport courtesy shuttle vehicles deployed by Ampco System Parking; taxicabs that serve the airport; and private CNG fleet vehicles in the area. Construction of the station, located on airport-adjacent Spirit of Texas Drive, is scheduled to begin in February 2010.

“The station adds to the airport’s ongoing effort to reduce impact on the environment,” said Patti Edwards, Operations Director, City of Austin Aviation Department. “The natural gas station expands clean fuel opportunities for the airport and the region.”

James Harger, Clean Energy Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, said, “In Austin and throughout the country, Clean Energy is working hard to help reduce health-harming emissions and protect environmental quality. The transition by the airport industry and its allied services to natural gas power for ground transportation is accelerating rapidly, in response to the need to curtail emissions and to reduce dependence on imported oil.”

Harger explained that natural gas fuel produces up to 30% less greenhouse gas emissions in light-duty vehicles compared to gasoline and up to 23% lower greenhouse gas emissions in medium to heavy-duty applications compared to diesel. Department of Energy Information Administration (DOE/EIA) reports estimate that 98% of the natural gas consumed in the U.S. is sourced in the U.S. and Canada.

Located in the Texas State Capital, the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport serves more than eight million passengers annually and has 36 nonstop destinations. With more than 750,000 residents, Austin is the 15th largest city in the U.S. The recently announced Austin Climate Protection Plan mandates that all facilities, fleets and operations in the city will be carbon-neutral by 2020, and 100% of city facilities will be powered by renewable energy by 2012.

Clean Energy (Nasdaq: CLNE) is the leading provider of natural gas (CNG and LNG) for transportation in North America. It has a broad customer base in the refuse, transit, ports, shuttle, taxi, trucking, airport and municipal fleet markets, fueling more than 17,500 vehicles at 195 strategic locations across the United States and Canada. Clean Energy owns and operates two LNG production plants, one in Willis, TX and one in Boron, CA, with combined capacity of 260,000 LNG gallons per day and designed to expand to 340,000 LNG gallons per day as demand increases. It also owns and operates a landfill gas facility in Dallas, TX that produces renewable methane gas or biomethane for delivery in the nation’s gas pipeline network. Clean Energy also owns BAF Technologies, Inc. of Dallas, TX, a leading provider of natural gas vehicle systems and conversions for taxis, limousines, vans, pick-up trucks and shuttle buses. Please visit

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