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GreenAngel Energy Announces Additional Contracts and Progress

GreenAngel Energy (GreenAngel) is pleased to announce the following updates for four of its investee companies, Delaware Power Systems, Light-Based Technologies, Habitat Enterprises, and Rapid Electric Vehicles Inc.:

Delaware Power Systems, which has produced the world’s first universal battery module platform for electric vehicles, recently entered into a battery supply contract for two electric vehicle prototypes (versions) and three battery systems with First Automobile Works, the largest Chinese auto manufacturer. Delaware has also recently had its battery system installed on a concept electric vehicle of Volkswagen A.G., one of the world’s largest automakers. GreenAngel CEO, Mike Volker, commented, “We are very excited that Delaware is working with such world class companies, as it obviously validates the company’s approach to helping achieve mass production of electric vehicles by major auto manufacturers”.

Following recent patent approval by the US Patent and Trademark Office for its LED lighting control system, Light-Based Technologies
(“LBT”) has released its new “Triac” dimming solution for LED lighting fixtures. Triac dimming is crucial to the adoption of solid state lighting (LED) within the retrofit market as triac dimmers have been the most common light controller installed in the 110 million North American households over the past 25 years. The release of this product further opens the door for LBT to help make available cost-efficient, user-friendly LED lighting systems to commercial and residential markets as once standard incandescent lighting is phased out. (

Habitat Enterprises, a developer and marketer of carbon credit projects, recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with technology partner Waste Solutions and Brazilian industrial Yamakawa. The MOU is to develop a methane carbon capture project that will produce UN certified carbon credits. This project is the first in a series of three projects for Yamakawa’s starch processing facilities, which have the potential to prevent a combined total of almost 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere over the next 10 years and deliver a steady stream of both carbon credits and power revenues to Habitat. (

Rapid Electric Vehicles (REV) Inc. reports that Coulomb Technologies, the leader in electric vehicle charging station infrastructure, has signed REV as its first networked charging station for electric vehicles in Canada. The ChargePoint(R) Networked Charging Stations available for consumer and fleet use are now installed at the headquarters of Rapid Electric Vehicles (REV) in Vancouver. Additionally, Charge Northwest, Coulomb’s Pacific Northwest distributor has signed REV as an official reseller in British Columbia of ChargePoint(R) Networked Charging Stations. “We are proud to offer the first of many publically available charging stations for electric vehicles in Vancouver,” said Jay Giraud, CEO of REV.

Mr. Volker further commented, “These developments demonstrate the progress being made towards commercialization by these companies and move GreenAngel closer to realizing the potential of its investments.”

GreenAngel Energy Corp. is a green energy technology company. Our focus is commercializing new technologies that produce renewable energy, improve energy efficiency, or use renewable energy resources such as water, wind and solar. We also work with companies that deploy or manage technologies and processes that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In addition to providing strategic capital to investee companies, GreenAngel also provides business and advisory services to help ensure these companies achieve commercial success. The firms include Delaware Power Systems, Light-Based Technologies, Habitat Enterprises, Rapid Electric Vehicles, DPoint Technologies, and Paradigm Environmental Technologies. For more information, please visit

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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