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Visualization Tools for Sustainable Transportation with PRT Podcars at PCCC3 Transport Conference

At the prestigious International Podcar City Conference (PCCC3) in Malmö, Sweden, held in conjunction with the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009 (COP 15), Encitra, Inc., introduced a new open source visualization technology to be used for planning and modeling small- to large-scale transportation infrastructure projects.

Unveiled by Encitra CEO Darrell Musick, Encitra’s visualization technology was used to create a 3D virtual model of a geographic sector in Uppsala, Sweden, where a proposed personal rapid transportation (PRT) “Podcar” system has been integrated into Uppsala’s historic transportation center. This model allows city planners and other stakeholders to visualize how such a PRT system would affect and integrate with existing modes of transportation.

Encitra’s virtual model of Uppsala includes architectural renderings of existing buildings and landmarks plus the proposed PRT station and infrastructure. Viewers of the model are able to see and experience the interaction of pedestrian, bus, PRT and train traffic intersecting at Uppsala’s central transportation center using open source virtualization software.

As a result of the Swedish-Californian Memorandum of Understanding on Renewable Fuels and Energy, a delegation of prominent California stakeholders representing areas of transportation, design and government attended Encitra’s demonstration at the conference.

The conference presented practical solutions for the transportation and urban planning sectors that can lead to a major shift in policy and action to help reverse global warming.

Participants in the two-day symposium were introduced to the world’s top PRT designers through various presentations and working sessions to include the first PRT pod show with several prototype pods on display. Conference organizers included KOMPASS, a network of 14 Swedish cities aiming to adopt PRT systems, and the Institute for Sustainable Transportation, in cooperation with the US-based Advanced Transit Association.

About Encitra, Inc.

Encitra, Inc., headquartered in Santa Cruz, Calif., is an early leader in the emerging world of collaborative visualization modeling. Leveraging open source tools, Encitra is able to provide sophisticated interactivity models for transportation and urban planning as well as real estate development projects. For more information on Encitra, see

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