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eHydrogen Solutions Announces New Self-Contained Hydrogen Cell Requiring No Outside Power Source

eHydrogen Solutions has announced an important addition to its core On Demand Hydrogen Production capabilities with the launch of the H2-Reactor Development Project. The H2-Reactor is a self contained On Demand Hydrogen Production (ODHP) system utilizing only water and reactive metal alloys including aluminum or magnesium. No outside power source is required and the system generates no emissions. The resultant oxides and alloys are economically replenished, sustainable, and recyclable.

The reactive metals cause water molecules to release hydrogen and oxygen, which immediately reacts with aluminum to produce aluminum oxide (alumina) which can be recycled back into aluminum. Recycling aluminum from nearly pure alumina is less expensive than mining the aluminum-containing ore bauxite, thereby creating a reusable, sustainable, and zero-emission power source.

By recycling aluminum oxide back to aluminum, the cost of producing energy both as hydrogen and heat will continually decrease, and is expected to be well below 10 cents per kilowatt hour.

The Company views the H2-Reactor addition an essential addition to its overall design vision for its core ODHP technologies, particularly for high volume real-time hydrogen production environments such as Industrial Heating and Power Generation.

The Company recently announced the integration of its H-Solaris technology development, utilizing solar energy as the main power source for real-time hydrogen creation direct from water, with its expanding US Home Heating Joint Development Project. This addition of H2-Reactor capabilities not only adds further ODHP options for the expanding residential Combined Heating and Power market, but opens up the expansive Industrial Heating and Power Generation Market.

The H-Solaris and H2-Reactor development projects, together with the Company’s advanced electrolysis technologies, when integrated into a fuel cell, hydrogen powered generator and/or advanced battery storage, enable sufficient hydrogen production to power a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications. This has important potential implications, since hydrogen can be economically produced on-site and does not need to be transported.

The Company believes Distributed Power Generation, particularly Combined Heating and Power, to be an emerging growth sector promising to become a significant and vital energy option primed for strong sales growth.

The Company intends to develop and license a variety of technologies and power systems founded on its core holdings. The Company will make further announcements on the progress of each of these new initiatives and as the various core technologies are integrated into its development and partnership programs.

About eHydrogen Solutions
eHydrogen Solutions (eHs) specializes in the development of On Demand Hydrogen Production (ODHP) technologies designed to produce hydrogen in the most cost effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable manner possible for integration into a number of clean energy Distributed Power solutions. In addition to providing an “on demand” hydrogen source for aftermarket hydrogen enhancement applications that increases the efficiency of virtually any combustion process, eHs’ scope of On Demand Hydrogen Production (ODHP) technologies enables the integration with fuel cell applications, advanced battery technologies and Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines (HICE).

eHs’ proprietary ODHP technologies are available today to qualified partners in a wide variety of vertical and/or geographic markets worldwide, through joint development/ adaptation, distribution and production agreements

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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