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Midtronics Introduces Industry’s First Battery Analyzer for Hybrid Vehicles

Midtronics announced today the release of their new HYB-1000 Hybrid Battery System Analyzer, setting the standard for the future of Hybrid battery pack system analysis.

The HYB will allow more shops to get into the Hybrid service business or improve customer service where Hybrid service opportunities already exist.

“Our new HYB Hybrid Battery System Analyzer represents a major step for Midtronics in the electric and hybrid vehicle diagnostic arena,” said Mike Troy, executive vice president and general manager, Transportation Division at Midtronics. “While the future service needs and opportunities are still unclear for the growing electric and Hybrid vehicle markets, we are working closely with the industry to develop solutions as the needs arise.”

The HYB Hybrid Battery System Analyzer offers technicians a safe, one-person test, and the opportunity to perform a battery pack diagnostic routine while driving the vehicle. The HYB communicates to the vehicle on-board diagnostic system using a wireless convergence module, which allows it to read the battery cell, block and pack parameters, while under the stress of an accelerated Hybrid drive test. This process allows the HYB to assess the battery pack state of health in terms of conductance, which is related to Hybrid battery performance.

If the pack is getting weak or weak cells or modules are found, the vehicle owner will need to get the pack serviced or replaced to avoid continued deterioration and potential vehicle performance issues.

In addition to the drive test, the HYB can also read and reset standard and hybrid-specific diagnostic trouble codes, which allows technicians to perform simple functions quickly without having to monopolize their other complete diagnostic systems.

“As the vehicle market continues its rapid evolution, we continue to advance our capabilities and technology investments,” said Troy. “Midtronics research and development is focused on technologies for testing and charging advanced lead-acid, NiMH, and Li-ion batteries and packs as well as the service technologies required for testing Hybrid and electric vehicles.”

Midtronics is a worldwide leader and provider of vehicle battery testing and management products and services. Founded in 1984, Midtronics remains singularly focused on battery management innovation. The company continues advancing the standard in its industry, supplying customers with custom battery management solutions that meet evolving needs, including those related to hybrid, electric and other new vehicle systems. Visit for more information.

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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