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cellcontrol Launches on Motorola’s iDen platform, only Distracted Driving Solution Certified for iDe

cellcontrol, a leading supplier of driving while distracted solutions, announced recently its cellcontrol solution is certified and available for Motorola’s iDen (Push To Talk) platform. cellcontrol is the first and only driving while distracted solution certified for iDen. cellcontrol is available on Motorola’s i680 and i576, with more phones being deployed in coming months.

Phones on the iDen platform are typically seen more in service industries because of their two-way radio capability and the system’s ability to accommodate multiple dispatchers. With this in mind, cellcontrol has specifically designed its backend management system for organizations with fleets of varying size.

“We’re excited about expanding our offering to the fleet market,” said Sean Kirkpatrick, cellcontrol’s Vice President of Fleet Services. “Companies with fleets assume some of the highest risk because of the sheer volume of drivers they have on the road. Using cellcontrol is one way they can mitigate the risks and address the safety concerns of distracted driving,” he said. cellcontrol works by accessing a vehicle’s on-board diagnostic computer, usually found underneath the steering column, of vehicles made in 1996 or later. Using Bluetooth® technology and a mobile device-specific application, cellcontrol accurately detects anytime a vehicle is in motion and immediately begins policy enforcement, including:

— Preventing the sending of texts and emails,
— Preventing “Push To Talk” (PTT)
— Sending incoming calls to voicemail and showing a missed call,
— Limit the ability to initiate outgoing phone calls except for
emergency numbers, i.e. 911, and policy-programmed “allowed” numbers,
— Preventing mobile internet interaction.

With cellcontrol, there is no loss of communication to the user, as text messages and e-mail are still received on the device but interaction is simply prevented while in motion. The solution is highly flexible, as users can choose to block all mobile functions or select to block only texts or only phone calls, whatever a company’s or family’s policy dictates. When the vehicle is stopped and returns to a safe mobile device operating status, all handset functions automatically return to normal.

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About cellcontrol:
cellcontrol, a product of obdEdge, based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is the most accurate, secure and dependable solution for distracted driving caused by cellular phones and other mobile devices as well as idle time customizable data recording. cellcontrol uses the automobile’s On Board Diagnostic computer and phone/device software to put a stop to texting, e-mail, Web browsing and phone use while operating a vehicle and to record idle time for one vehicle or a fleet. For more information on cellcontrol, go to