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Co-Destiny: Overcome Your Growth Challenges by Helping Your Customers Overcome Theirs


“In CoDestiny, George and Atlee provide a template for the entire process. From mapping an industry to searching for value levers, their experience will enlighten and illustrate the foundations of their assessments. More important, the book’s thoughts on relationships will aid in the execution of the plans and the realization of effective partnerships essential to success.” — Charles A. Peters, Senior Executive Vice President and member of the Board of Directors at Emerson

Trust + Value = Growth: A Win-Win. Establishing relationship trust, creating value levers and igniting client growth is a proven way to ensure your own company’s success. So, if your company is ready to grow you must first accept that your destiny is tied to that of your customers.

Atlee Valentine Pope and George F. Brown, Jr.’s new book, CoDestiny, which hits bookstores on October 1st, solves the most difficult growth challenges by unlocking the secrets of the customer chain. This thought-provoking book by two global strategy experts delivers a proven approach for solving a company’s most difficult growth challenges.

CoDestiny goes far beyond theory by presenting unique ideas, approaches, and tools to put your firm on a path toward profitable growth; it also represents the authors’ commitment to best practices for business growth. Pope and Brown present actionable plans that can be implemented immediately and deliver concrete results. The in-depth framework yields comprehensive, consistent, and foolproof go-to-market strategies and get-to-market implementation plans—as well as examples of successful Customer Chain Maps, Market Maps, Decision Matrix, and Relationship Maps.

“More often than not companies struggle to make the decisions that will have the most impact on their growth and bottom line,” says Atlee Valentine Pope. “CoDestiny offers all leaders—from agriculture to telecommunications – immediately executable plans and ideas on how to grow their businesses from a customer-success perspective.”

Furthermore, relying on their combined 60-years of real-world experience, Pope and Brown also illustrate the same growth maximization techniques they have used successfully in the past by providing powerful case studies. The examples outlined in CoDestiny provide tangible, easy-to-implement advice for any business, from a start-up to a market leader, with any product line, in any industry.

CoDestiny’s informativechapters unveil diagnostic exercises, tools and strategies for identifying the challenges in a company’s complex, even global environment. Pope and Brown offer systematic methods for implementing tried and true growth strategies.

For instance, in the first section the authors introduce and develop the concepts of customer chains, sources of value creation, value levers, and the behavioral approach to segmentation. Building on this foundation, the second section focuses on constructing effective growth strategies. The final section offers actionable implementation advice. The book also covers the following topics:

The Fundamental Principle of Linking Your Destiny with That of Your Customer
Top Ten Tips for Successful Strategy Implementation
Understand Your Customer Chain: Your Customers Want to Pay You More
Five C’s: Commoditization, Competition, Consolidation, Channel’s and Collaboration
Business to Business Strategy: Three Approaches for Creating Value
Best New Market Entry Strategies
Globalization and Innovation
Value Creation Through Acquisitions, Partnerships, Pricing

About the Authors

Atlee Valentine Pope is Co-Founder and President of Blue Canyon Partners, a strategy consulting firm that helps companies grow. She has worked with clients around the world, co-authored over 40 papers, and has been a guest speaker at numerous business events. Before building Blue Canyon Partners, Pope served in leadership roles in several start-up ventures and was a Vice President in global corporate finance with First Chicago. She earned a Bachelor’s from the University of the South, Sewanee, TN, and an M.B.A. from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

George F. Brown, Jr., is CEO and co-founder of Blue Canyon Partners, where his practice allows him to contribute to solving clients’ business-to-business growth challenges. Prior to Blue Canyon, Brown held senior leadership roles in a number of organizations, including DRI/McGraw-Hill and ICF Kaiser International, Inc., and served as the Theodore Roosevelt Professor of Economics at the U.S. Naval War College. He has published extensively in academic and business journals and testified frequently before Congress. Brown received his M.S. in Industrial Administration and his Ph.D. in Economics from Carnegie-Mellon University.

CoDestiny is available for purchase at, Barnes and Noble and Borders as well other online booksellers.

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