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Automotive Industries spoke to Rebecca Mantle, Global Conference Director, Telematics Update

The 9th annual Fleet & Asset Management USA Conference & Exhibition will be held this November 17 & 18 in Atlanta, GA, USA. Over two hundred executives will attend the show. The show’s organizers, Telematics Update, say that expert strategies will be shared by leading executives from the FMCSA, Ford Motor Company, John Deere, RIM, General Electric, Garmin, Francisco partners, Vector Capital the Department of Transportation and more. With over 30 expert telematics speakers confirmed, the 9th annual Fleet & Asset Management USA is tipped to be the most robust to date.

Automotive Industries spoke to Rebecca Mantle, Global Conference Director, Telematics Update.

AI: What will be the theme of next month’s,9th annual Fleet & Asset Management USA event?

The theme of the 2010 show is that Fleet information communication technology (ICT)is growing – both in the domestic US and global markets. The industry needs to prepare for mass deployment and penetration, by developing multifunctional,upgradeable solutions to meet requirements & drive ROI.

As the industry focuses on recovery, progression and safe guarding its future, we’re noticing real change in priorities, business models and market offerings. It is suffice to say that this is an incredibly exciting era for commercial telematics community, and I am very much looking forward to Fleet & Asset Management USA 2010.

AI: What are some of the new features that will be added at this year’s show?

We are consistently growing the exhibition area and increasing focus on networking and business connection at the show.

New topics this year include the FMCSA talking about the new EOBR ruling and CSA 2010. We have Zatix revealing the SIMRAV 245 ruling from Brazil, and industry leading presentations and panels from Ford, John Deere, GE, LoJack, RIM, PACCAR and more…

AI: What kind of participation do you expect this year as compared to last year?

We are currently ahead of last year’s numbers and so will confidently expect in excess of 200 top level execs at the show. This is a niche industry, but basically, everyone who is anyone in commercial telematics will be there.

AI: How have vehicle telematics changed over the past year and what are some of the future trends?

We have seen an evolution of telematics over the years from simply a safety and security device to a set of enabling technologies that can define and shape enterprise operations and communications.

Although the industry is somewhat fragmented and progress is staggered we are seeing ever increasing attempts to build out network infrastructure, understand the end-user’s demands and expectations, and leverage new conduits such as the smartphone or cloud computing, to capitalize on market trends and deliver compelling market offerings.

It is all about uncovering the end user/fleet manager perspective in order to solve the cost vs. benefit battle and provide the solutions and services demanded by connected enterprise customers.

AI: What role does telematics Update play in keeping the industry abreast of the constantly changing face of vehicle telematics?

We pride ourselves in our independent research and ability to deliver content and intelligence that reflects industry dynamics. Over the last ten years we have moved hand in hand with the industry and provided valuable insight on the opportunities and challenges facing execs and companies in this space. In fact many in the industry see Telematics Update as the ‘go-to’ people in the space, which is a reputation I believe we have grown to increasingly affirm over the last ten years.

Whether via our online e-newsletter, flagship industry forums in Europe, the US and Japan, or our niche Fleet and Asset Management, Insurance Telematics, Consumer Telematics and Content & Apps for Automotive Conferences we aim to generate a community and bring the right minds and expertise together to discuss critical topics and drive real industry change.

AI: What do you think are some of the new areas in which vehicle telematics will play a role in commercial vehicles of the future?

Within commercial and enterprise telematics, the sky is the limit as this space is barely penetrated, and telematics has an incredibly strong use case. With M2M connections on the rise and the industry growing there is no end to the potential reach and scope of commercial telematics.

While one enterprise may use telematics for routing, monitoring driver behaviour, ETA, or idle time… another may monitor vehicle up-time, implement advanced driver assistance systems, communicate with remote assets or employees, increase safety or complete supply chain visibility.

… and of course V2V & V2X initiatives like IntelliDrive are always on our future radar…

If you take the purpose of telematics back to basics, being communication and system visibility, then there is no area that would not potentially benefit from adoption of telematics. What has always been a niche industry will increasingly become an inevitable evolution for technology dependent companies and consumers!

I look forward to seeing everyone at Fleet & Asset Management USA next month!

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