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CVS Wins Multi-Year Contract To Convert Port Authority New York & New Jersey Fleet Vehicles to CNG

The contract for the conversion of fleet vehicles to compressed natural gas will reduce fuel and maintenance costs and reduce carbon footprint by up to 30%.

Clean Vehicle Solutions has been awarded a contract to convert Port Authority fleet vehicles – sedans, pick-up trucks, vans, mini-vans, and class 4 and 5 trucks – to Compressed Natural Gas.

“As a leading EPA and CARB certified provider of alternative fuel systems for light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles, we are exceptionally proud to have been selected to provide a sustainable solution that will reduce both costs and impact on the environment.” said Patricia Charla, official spokesperson for Clean Vehicle Solutions.

The Port Authority’s mission is to keep the region’s commuters, travelers, and global shippers moving and is responsible for maintaining one of the world’s largest transportation infrastructures. The conversion to CNG is a significant environmental commitment and statement.

“Natural gas is the cleanest transportation fuel available today and CNG vehicles can have a direct, positive impact on our air quality, especially in an urban environment, said Charla. “In addition to the environmental benefits, the conversion of traditionally fueled vehicles to CNG fueled vehicles will significantly reduce fuel and maintenance costs.” she continued. According to Clean Energy Fuels, over the last decade and a half, natural gas on an energy-equivalent basis has been 25%-40% cheaper than crude oil. In addition, Natural Gas burns cleaner than gasoline and diesel, so maintenance costs are lower and the vehicle’s carbon footprint is up to 30% lower than in traditional systems.

According to Charla, The conversion of a portion of a fleet to CNG in the New York/New Jersey metro area is also a commitment to the future of new jobs for the people of the region. ”We applaud the Port Authority’s commitment to NGV’s not only as an environmental and economic solution, but as proof positive of how CNG as a transportation fuel will drive “green” jobs directly to our region.

Clean Vehicle Solution’s 88,000 sq. ft. production facility in New Jersey has the capability of producing thousands of natural gas vehicles per year – we will be training and employing hundreds of people to build and maintain both vehicles and infrastructure,” she said.

Cleaner air, lower costs, less dependence on foreign oil and new jobs for New York and New Jersey. A win, win solution.

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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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