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Ai interview with Henry Muyshondt, head of technical liaison of the MOST Cooperation

The third International MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) Conference and Exhibition will be held on April 5, 2011 in Frankfurt, Germany. The conference and exhibition will offer a diverse program presenting interesting and innovative MOST Technology experiences and solutions, and a sneak preview of the future of automotive technology. 

The main focus of this year’s MOST Forum lies in the implementation of MOST150 and examining the various steps in the preparation for the rollout of the first vehicle based on this latest network technology. 

The keynote speech “Challenges of MOST in the Second Decade” is presented by Peter Häußermann of Daimler. The talk will focus on Daimler’s decade of experience in MOST development and the MOST150 integration procedures. “The MOST Cooperation is excited about the incredibly interesting conference presentations that the program committee has selected for the MOST Forum 2011,” says Dr. Wolfgang Bott, technical coordinator of the MOST Cooperation. “The main focus of the next MOST Forum lies in the implementation of MOST150, examining the various steps and aspects of preparing the rollout of the first vehicle based on this latest network technology. In addition, several speakers promise to give us an outlook on the roadmap, including research results on gigabit transmission over POF (plastic optical fiber).”

Various companies will present MOST solutions and applications, including AUDI, Avago, BMW Group, Continental, Daimler AG, Elektrobit, GADV, Goepel electronic, Hamamatsu Photonics, K2L, LeCroy, Melexis, Ontorix, Ruetz System Solutions, SMSC, Telemotive, TTTech, Vector Informatik, Yazaki, and others. Presentations will be made by Audi, Continental, Daimler, Elektrobit, and the Research Center for Information Technology (FZI).

Automotive Industries spoke to Henry Muyshondt, head of technical liaison of the MOST Cooperation and moderator at the MOST Forum 2011 and asked him what makes this year’s MOST conference and exhibition a must-attend for automotive companies?

Muyshondt: MOST Technology has reached an exciting milestone with MOST150 moving onto the road. This year’s MOST Forum will showcase this historical step in the MOST roadmap. MOST now covers all main application domains, including Ethernet. The upcoming MOST Forum may be seen as a kickoff for the MOST future, with today’s MOST meeting tomorrow’s needs. 

Another important event will be the VDI Congress held every other year in Baden-Baden, Germany. The congress brings engineers from around the world together to discuss the latest technological advancements in the automotive world. This event takes place from October 12 to 13, 2011. 

The MOST Interconnectivity Conference Asia (ICA) is another important event that takes MOST Technology to Asia. This year it will be held in Tokyo, Japan, in November. The MOST ICA provides a venue for experts from that part of the world to come together to discuss the technology. MOST is already being used by Toyota and Hyundai/Kia. 

AI: Tell us about the response you received for papers – what are some of the highlights?

Muyshondt: The highlight of the conference will be the keynote speech by Daimler on the ongoing MOST150 integration procedures. In addition, several carmakers and suppliers will discuss the implementation process of MOST150 from different angles including various steps and requirements for preparing the rollout of the first vehicle.
Going beyond current topics, several speakers promise to give an outlook on the future, presenting possible directions that MOST Technology could take.

AI: How many attendees and exhibitors is this year’s conference and exhibition expected to attract?

Muyshondt: Looking at the unexpectedly high number of exhibitor and attendee registrations at present, the upcoming MOST event promises to top previous years. The number of exhibitors has already hit 20, with the available space starting to reach its limits. The MOST Cooperation is very happy about this great response, which reflects the growing acceptance of the MOST standard by key carmakers worldwide.

AI: What are some of the product highlights of the exhibition?

Muyshondt: The MOST Cooperation will demonstrate various aspects and application features of MOST150. Looking at the expanding areas of automotive use cases, one focus will be on meeting the demand of the growing variety of consumer electronic devices in the car. In addition to transporting high-definition audio and video within the car, MOST also provides an automotive-ready physical layer for Ethernet. This way, MOST is open to a broad variety of IP-based applications such as connected services and Internet access. 

In addition, the flexibility of the MOST network technology will be demonstrated by showing star, daisy-chain, tree, and other topologies as well as different physical layers: plastic optical fibers (POF), COAX based electrical physical layer, and shielded and unshielded twisted pair (STP/UTP) copper wires. 

Corresponding with the conference presentations, numerous suppliers will demonstrate their latest devices, tools, systems and test solutions based on MOST150.
From the carmakers’ side, the newest car models will be presented. Attendees may expect to see some of the latest introductions, such as Audi A6, Bentley Mulsanne, BMW 6 convertible, BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz CLS, and Mercedes-Benz CLK.

AI: How will the MOST Forum help automotive OEMs decide to choose MOST150?

Muyshondt: The MOST Forum offers an exclusive platform for top professionals from the automotive electronics industry and academia to exchange information and results regarding the features and benefits of MOST150. The conference will provide the ideal forum for discussions on MOST150 between carmakers and suppliers. Attending infotainment experts will include various backgrounds ranging from researchers, designers, engineers, system developers, to purchasers and journalists, and to the managers of the industries involved.  The MOST Forum will showcase the success of MOST Technology and provide compelling arguments for MOST150. For carmakers, it will become the preferred choice for automotive multimedia technology.

MOST in production

Daimler and Audi are the first carmakers to integrate MOST150 into series production vehicles. The decision to integrate MOST150 into the Audi A3 series was taken last year and the Volkswagen Group said it would roll out the technology into each series from the Volkswagen Golf to the Audi A8. 

MOST150 is based on the well-proven technologies of MOST25. Therefore, the vehicle harness, existing mechanisms for the transmission of multimedia data, and established application interfaces can be reused. In addition, MOST150 has the capacity to realize infotainment systems with an up-to-date set of features and a fully-fledged multi-seat system. 

With the new packet channel, which is compatible with Ethernet, MOST150 enables the seamless integration of consumer electronics systems, Internet-based services, and established standards from the IT industry.


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