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New Generation Biofuels Announces New Provisional Patent Submission Utilizing Pyrolysis Oil

New Generation Biofuels, a clean energy technology company focused on renewable biofuel solutions with enhanced environmental performance, is announcing another provisional patent submission for a new renewable biofuel technology utilizing pyrolysis oils. This is the second submission for technology utilizing pyrolysis oil as a feedstock that NGBF has filed in less than a year and the third overall provisional patent submission in the same timeframe.

“We believe this technology is a very significant accomplishment and discovery for our organization, but more importantly, for the environment and our current and future customers,” stated David H. Goebel, Jr., NGBF Chief Operating Officer. “We now have a very cost effective new renewable biofuel that provides enhanced environmental performance and there are a multitude of possibilities for raw materials that can be used to make pyrolysis oil.”

“We have been able to mitigate past challenges pyrolysis oil has posed for the marketplace,” added Dr. Andrea Festuccia, Chief Technology Officer for NGBF. “Our biofuels incorporate the strengths of pyrolysis, which are many, with the distinct advantages of our unique biofuel technologies. Our new patent submission is another renewable, environmentally advantaged, and performance enhanced technology. It also has cost efficiencies not seen in other renewable fuel technologies. We have created a win-win situation for all.”

“With our technology, we continue to find new ways to address the growing needs of our markets,” Goebel remarked. “Andrea, his R&D team, and the entire NGBF organization continue to find new sources of feedstocks that we can use to drive down costs, provide outstanding environmental benefits, and can be formulated to provide differentiating performance. Our objective is to be the preferred biofuel solution where we help the environment and operate profitably with or without government incentives. This new pyrolysis based technology is another key advancement in our ability to accomplish this objective.”

NGBF continues to advance its technology with financing provided by its advocates and partnerships. If you are interested in the NGBF story and want to participate in the Company’s future directions, please feel free to contact us (information provided below).

About the Company

The Company is a clean energy company deploying novel technologies to produce cleaner, renewable biofuels. The Company has rights to a portfolio of patented and patent pending technology to manufacture alternative biofuels from plant oils, animal fats and related oils that it markets as a new class of biofuel for power generation, commercial and industrial heating and related uses. The Company believes that its proprietary biofuel can provide a lower cost, renewable alternative energy source with significantly lower emissions than traditional fuels. New Generation Biofuels’ business model calls for establishing direct sales from manufacturing plants that it may purchase or build and sublicensing its technology to qualified licensees. Additional information about New Generation Biofuels is available at

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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