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Delphi GDi Injector Wins Prestigious PACE Award for Technical Achievement

For the Second Consecutive Year, Delphi Is Honored With Automotive News Premier Automotive Suppliers' Contribution to Excellence (PACE) Award

Delphi Automotive has been awarded a prestigious 2011 Automotive News Premier Automotive Suppliers’ Contribution to Excellence (PACE) Award for its Multec(R) homogeneous GDi injector.

Presented annually at a ceremony to coincide with the SAE World Congress, the PACE awards recognize superior innovation, technological advancement and business performance by automotive suppliers. The judges are independent, distinguished and highly-experienced industry representatives focused on real-world benefits available from innovative technologies.

“This year’s honor complements the 2010 PACE award recognizing our direct-acting piezo diesel injector,” said James Zizelman, engineering director, Gasoline Engine Management System (EMS) and Powertrain Products. “The award further validates Delphi’s expertise and creativity in supporting our customers’ advanced combustion strategies across both major fuel types with affordable high-performance technologies.”

The Multec homogeneous GDi injector is a patented multi-hole injector engineered with a unique decoupled design offering high dynamic range, very low noise, and no pintle bounce for precise fuel control. This innovative GDi technology offers fundamental improvements in engine performance compared to traditional port fuel injection (PFI) engines. With an inwardly opening valve group and multi-hole atomizer, the Multec injector optimizes fuel delivery performance. These features translate to better vehicle performance — improved fuel economy, reduced emissions and increased engine power and torque.

“Delphi is committed to reducing the environmental impact of internal combustion engines, however, the technology must be broadly applied to realize maximum impact,” said Zizelman. “For this reason, our emphasis centers on technically superior, cost-effective solutions that are practical to implement in high-volume production.”

This is Delphi’s 13th PACE Award since 1995.

“Our talented inventors are continually developing industry-leading technologies that reduce the environmental impact of vehicles, improve their safety and add value for our customers,” said Andrew Brown, Jr., Ph.D., executive director and chief technologist for Delphi. “This award recognizes the quality of our innovations and the people who deliver them. They are at the heart of what makes Delphi successful today.”

The 2011 PACE Award is a valued addition to other industry recognition for Delphi technologies. Recently, Delphi received a “Successful Practice Award” for targeted and efficient technology management from the prestigious Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (IPT) — the largest organization for applied research in Europe.

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