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Auto Shanghai 2011 Features Driving Simulator from Mechanical Simulation

Geely Automobile, a large automotive manufacturer based in Zhejiang Hangzhou, China, is featuring a motion-based driving simulator delivered by Mechanical Simulation Corporation, Ann Arbor, Mich., at the 14th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (Auto Shanghai 2011). The interactive driving simulator features a six degree of freedom, motion-based platform and is controlled by the simulation software CarSim® for Driving Simulators.

Mechanical Simulation developed the traffic scenario using advanced features of its new Visualizer, which is available with the upcoming release of CarSim 8.1. This allows for a more realistic portrayal of the other vehicles in the scenario.

The simulator features a 140-degree panoramic display system, operational instrument gauges, high-torque force feedback steering system, and a 5.1 surround sound system to make the driving experience as realistic as possible. Dr. Jin Hu of Mechanical Simulation explains, “Geely Automobile selected CarSim since the technology is known throughout the world as the most accurate and validated vehicle simulation tool for automotive engineering and driving simulators. CarSim, the technology that runs the driving simulator, can be used by Geely engineers to test and develop next-generation safety and vehicle control systems. It was very important for them to provide their customers with a real world experience in the simulator.”

About Mechanical Simulation Corporation: Mechanical Simulation Corporation is a technology leader in the development and distribution of advanced software used to simulate vehicle performance under a wide variety of conditions. The company was established in 1996, and from its Ann Arbor, Mich., headquarters provides car, truck and motorcycle simulation packages, training and ongoing support to more than 90 OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, and over 160 universities and government research groups worldwide. For more information, visit

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