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GENIVI Alliance Unveils Member Compliance Program

First Four GENIVI Compliant Solutions Approved

The GENIVI Alliance, an automotive and consumer electronics industry association driving the development and adoption of an open In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) reference platform, today announced the availability of its newly-created Compliance Program to its member companies. This milestone program is the result of 14 months of painstaking research and investigation among GENIVI “expert groups” — with broad representation across the membership — to define a detailed set of technical requirements.

GENIVI members Canonical, Mentor Graphics, MontaVista, and Wind River are the first to have offerings approved as GENIVI compliant, enabling them to qualify for OEM request for proposals requiring GENIVI compliant products.

“This program embodies the natural flow within GENIVI from aligned requirements, to identified components which meet those requirements, to a packaged, re-usable platform,” said Steve Crumb, executive director, GENIVI Alliance. “The program clarifies what is expected for members wishing to provide compliant software solutions.”

“Jaguar Land Rover and other GENIVI member automotive OEMs are now specifying GENIVI compliance in their requests for proposals (RFPs) for future IVI systems,” said Matt Jones, Jaguar Land Rover Infotainment Lead and GENIVI vice president. “To respond to these RFPs, software suppliers need to have demonstrated that they can produce products and services that meet the GENIVI compliance requirements.”

The program also provides the foundations for delivering the benefits of using the GENIVI platform. These benefits are: speeds time-to-market; dramatically reduces development costs; provides code transparency; broadens options for integrating and customizing solutions and increases IVI interchangeability across vehicle makes and models.

In addition to allowing multiple distributions to be compliant, the program encourages member companies to offer different versions of components enabling diversity while still being compliant, allowing replacement of a particular component or group of components with another open-source or proprietary implementation that satisfies the compliance criteria.

For further information on GENIVI’s compliance program and current list of GENIVI complaint products, visit

About GENIVI Alliance
GENIVI Alliance is a non-profit industry association whose mission is to drive the broad adoption of an In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) open source development platform. GENIVI will accomplish this by aligning requirements, delivering reference implementations, offering certification programs and fostering a vibrant open source IVI community. GENIVI’s work will result in shortened development cycles, quicker time-to-market, and reduced costs for companies developing IVI equipment and software. GENIVI is headquartered in San Ramon, Calif.

Mentor Embedded IVI Base Platform
The Mentor Embedded IVI Base Platform provides a GENIVI compliant foundation for in-vehicle infotainment software development. The IVI Base Platform integrates graphics, communication and multimedia middleware with libraries, system infrastructure, and management components on top of Linux and relevant drivers. When combined with Mentor Embedded development tools and expert services, automotive OEMs and their suppliers have a comprehensive solution for building the next generation of IVI systems on open source software. The Mentor Embedded IVI Base Platform is available for Intel® Atom(TM) architecture and ARM architectures.

MontaVista Automotive Technology Platform (ATP)
Leveraging MontaVista’s 10+ years of Embedded Linux experience, the MontaVista Automotive Technology Platform (ATP) contains hardened frameworks for graphics, video, sound, USB, Bluetooth, Location Based Services, security, customizable UI and much more. The MontaVista ATP is highly tuned in the areas of performance, ultra fast boot and power management on select automotive-specific platforms based on ARM and Intel® Atom(TM)-based architectures.

Some of the key components of MontaVista Automotive Technology Platform include: Linux-based, GENIVI Compliant platform with fast boot/start up, high performance, power management and security options built in; comprehensive networking and internet support; multimedia capabilities for audio and video requirements; integration for consumer devices via Bluetooth or APIs; vendor specific UI customization and fully integrated tool set for application development.

Ubuntu IVI Remix
The Ubuntu IVI Remix is based on Ubuntu Core, a sub set of Ubuntu technologies suited for the next generation of Internet-enabled embedded devices such as IVI systems. It supports both Intel and ARM-based microprocessors, allowing software development to easily target platforms using either architecture.

The Ubuntu IVI Remix also supports Ubuntu One, a personal cloud service that enables users to access their personal media and stream their music from anywhere in the world. Ubuntu One’s APIs are fully open allowing developers to take advantage of innovation in loud technology in future designs to deliver advanced capabilities into IVI solutions.

Wind River Platform for Infotainment
Wind River Platform for Infotainment is a software platform for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) devices. By providing automotive equipment manufacturers with a powerful and reliable foundation for IVI devices as well as world-class commercial support and services, Wind River helps customers save on development time and costs, allowing them to focus on the technologies that will differentiate their IVI products and accelerate time-to-market. Wind River is a founding member of the GENIVI Alliance and plays a key role in this consortium by developing, integrating, testing and contributing key automotive middleware and hardware integration components. With Wind River’s strong history of automotive expertise and innovation, OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers worldwide have long relied on Wind River to deliver leading edge and proven automotive technologies and services supporting both Intel® architecture and ARM architectures.

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