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Sierra Expands Global Reach with the Acquisition of CP Engineering in the United Kingdom

Sierra Instruments, headquartered in Monterey, California, a flow measurement and control instrumentation and automotive test systems company, has signed an agreement to acquire CP Engineering, a privately-held company headquartered in Malvern, England. For the last 30 years, CP has designed and manufactured engine and vehicle testing technology with hardware and software solutions that cover the complete range of automotive test applications. As part of the purchase, Sierra has also acquired CP India located in Pune, India and is in the process of forming a joint venture company in Beijing, China.

“As a crucial member of the design team that developed Sierra’s flagship BG®3 engine emissions sampling system, CP has worked closely with Sierra for over a decade,” says CP Managing Director, Martin Hird. “As a result, not only do we have great respect for each other, but we have a deep trust that extends throughout both company cultures. We also share the same passion for the values of quality, delivery, innovation and customer support.”

“Given both companies extensive experience in emissions regulations and regulated testing, Sierra and CP are a natural fit.,” says Sierra President, Matthew Olin. “With this acquisition, Sierra is building on its strong engine emissions sampling reputation and is now positioned as a “Best-In-Class” engine and vehicle testing technology supplier to the global market.”

Sierra has spearheaded engine exhaust particulate matter sampling globally with its US EPA approved BG3 Partial Flow Sampling (PFS) technology. With this acquisition, Sierra will now be able to offer comprehensive test cell automation and benefit from CP’s proprietary CADET V14 test automation technology, which combines accurate multi-channel control with high-speed data acquisition optimized specifically for applications such as engine, powertrain, vehicle, emissions and component test rigs.

In addition, Sierra will now be able to provide a complete lineup of eddy-current and AC Dynamometers, in-cell equipment like robot drivers, and an instrumentation suite ranging from fuel flow measurement to combustion analysis and vehicle simulation solutions. The acquisition of CP’s proprietary CAHU technology (Combustion Air Handling Units) enables Sierra customers to precisely replicate standardized atmospheric conditions. This is essential for regulatory testing, or to simulate varying ambient conditions such as temperature, humidity and pressure for product development testing.

Sierra has a long-standing belief that strong and knowledgeable customer support is the key to success in the engine and vehicle testing market. Now with locations in the USA (California & Michigan) and the addition of the United Kingdom, India and China, Sierra is uniquely positioned to support the market leaders of today and the growth enterprises of tomorrow.

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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