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IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Delivers Innovative Logistics Solution to Volkswagen Plant in Bratislava

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, an IDENTEC GROUP Company and leading provider of wireless sensor solutions, has implemented an innovative, real-time location (RTLS) system that automatically tracks automobiles at Volkswagen’s Bratislava production plant. The IDENTEC SOLUTIONS SensorSMART enabled solution keeps track of vehicles in real-time thereby improving Volkswagen’s previous identi?cation processes. As a result, vehicles can move more ef?ciently through ?nal production stages to completion.

The SensorSMART based solution enables the efficient deployment of equipment and personnel, to ultimately improve resource coordination during Volkswagen’s end-to-end production process. In addition to the power and functionality of the SensorSMART Platform, the long communication range ability proved to be instrumental in the expansive facility that covers almost one square mile. Already deployed, the solution has been proven to substantially cut time and costs over the previous bar code system that required manual scanning at very close distances.

“The advantages of IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ tracking system in Bratislava are obvious,” said Jens Wieland, director of process and technology management at Volkswagen Slovakia. “The solution allows better control of the finishing area in our automotive manufacturing process, most importantly by eliminating unnecessary searches for vehicles. Also, we can monitor the utilization zone, which enables us to control the deployment of personnel and resources ef?ciently so we can increase vehicle throughput in the ?nal production period.” Herbert Hohmann, Vice President Sales Europe, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS adds: “In this respect, it is becoming a trend for the entire automotive industry.”

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Tue. June 22nd, 2021

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