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Teleca Partners with Canonical for next generation Open Source automotive infotainment solutions

Software services firm to promote the Ubuntu operating system for customer IVI solutions

Teleca, a world-leading supplier of solutions and services to the automotive, mobile and connected devices industries has signed up with Canonical as an Ubuntu Core Partner. The new agreement will enable Teleca to promote Ubuntu Core as the underlying operating system in future In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI) and other internet enabled devices.

As a Canonical ISV Partner, Teleca will have access to a wide range of tools and resources that ensure the most efficient and successful implementations possible, including priority developer support and joint marketing/sales planning information.

Ubuntu Core is hardware neutral and supports x86 and ARM processor architectures offering developers greater choice, lower cost, faster time to market and better support for the exceptionally fast growing automotive infotainment industry.

Teleca brings depth of experience in complete software solution development in the automotive infotainment industry across all software and hardware platforms, including MeeGo, Tizen, Linux, QNX, ARM, ix86 and others. The addition of Ubuntu Core to the company’s portfolio of platforms provides stronger options for its automotive customers who want to take advantage of this rich open source solution.

Ubuntu Core is a sub-set of Ubuntu technologies ideally suited for the next generation of embedded devices where Internet connectivity is key. It takes advantage of the extensive hardware, architecture and component certification work done by Canonical so manufacturers can build great experiences for non-PC-based technologies such as set-top boxes, in-vehicle infotainment systems and digital devices for the home. Ubuntu has won many users thanks to its user-focused design and its wide support for the world’s most popular systems components and architectures. This work at the foundation level of Ubuntu makes it an ideal base technology on which to build new embedded experiences.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Canonical. Ubuntu Core technologies empower Teleca to continue to offer best in class infotainment solutions to our customers” says Dean Miles, Vice President, Service Product Management, Automotive at Teleca. “The broad hardware platform support will enable innovative solutions and offer a strong point for our partners and customers.”

Chris Kenyon, VP business development at Canonical, comments; “Over the last few years, automotive technology suppliers and silicon partners have made it clear that they want to use Ubuntu in IVI products. We are delighted be working with partners such as Teleca to prove Ubuntu as an ideal foundation for next generation IVI devices.”

About Canonical

Canonical provides engineering, online and professional services to Ubuntu partners and customers worldwide. As the company behind the Ubuntu project, Canonical is committed to the production and support of Ubuntu – an ever-popular and fast-growing open-source operating system. It aims to ensure that Ubuntu is available to every organisation and individual on servers, desktops, laptops, netbooks and embedded devices.

Canonical partners with computer hardware manufacturers to certify Ubuntu, provides migration, deployment, support and training services to businesses, and offers online services direct to end users. Canonical also builds and maintains collaborative, open source development tools to ensure that organizations and individuals can participate fully in innovations within the open-source community. For more information, please visit

About Teleca

Teleca is a world-leading supplier of software solutions and engineering services to the mobile and connected devices industries. Teleca’s global scale and reach is unique. Using tailored solutions, systems design, integration and test we help our customers drive down development time, cost and deliver best-in-class products.

Teleca has 2,000 employees in 12 countries. For more information, please visit:  

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Thu. April 18th, 2024

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