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Development testing at the heart of quality initiative for navigation software

Supplied to over 150 OEMs of in-vehicle infotainment systems and navigation devices

Coverity, Inc., the development testing leader, announced that NNG LLC, a pioneer of navigation software and the developer of iGO Navigation solutions, has successfully deployed Coverity® Static Analysis as its development testing solution to deliver high quality software and accelerate time to market for software delivery to its supply chain.

Since its launch in 2004, NNG has delivered navigation solutions to more than 150 business customers including the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). NNG’s navigation software is at the heart of millions of products, from in-vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems and smartphones to personal navigation devices. Because customer satisfaction, cost control and competitive advantage can all be impacted by the quality of software code, Coverity has become fundamental to NNG’s quality initiative as part of its brand management with customers and supply chain partners. The company is constantly developing new functionality for its 28 products and equips its engineers with Coverity Static Analysis to enhance its quality assurance program and create higher software standards for the navigation industry.

“We embedded Coverity Static Analysis in our development process so every new line of code is tested before it is released into the market,” explains Peter Balogh, interim CEO at NNG LLC. “Coverity development testing has brought greater consistency and control to our development activities, the results of which have been gains in productivity and software quality. By the end of 2012, NNG will use Coverity to validate legacy code for our entire product line as well as new projects.”

The development team chose Coverity Static Analysis for its accuracy of results, its advanced extensibility to fit into the development workflow and its ability to track and manage defects between 28 projects and different code branches comprising over 1 million lines of code. In addition, Coverity also identified code patterns and established metrics for measuring NNG’s development processes.

As a result of these improvements, NNG has been able to:

— Reduce maintenance costs for its software;
— Reduce the testing effort for its customers;
— Accelerate the development process for new products and customizations;
— Establish standardized metrics for measuring software quality across its
supply chain; and
— Remove cost and complexity from its own software development activities.

“NNG is driving quality in its navigation software products which directly translates to brand reputation of both its own brand and that of its supply chain partners,” said Jennifer Johnson, VP of Marketing at Coverity. “Development testing not only helps ensure the quality of software, but also contributes to accelerated time to market and enhanced developer productivity, all of which contribute to competitive advantage.”

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practices and technical insights on development testing.

About Coverity

Coverity, Inc., (, the development testing leader, is the trusted standard for companies that need to protect their brands and bottom lines from software failures. More than 1,100 Coverity customers use Coverity’s development testing suite of products to automatically test source code for software defects that could lead to product crashes, unexpected behavior, security breaches or catastrophic failure. Coverity is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco. Coverity is funded by Foundation Capital and Benchmark Capital. Follow us on Twitter or check out our blog.


NNG LLC is one of the leading navigation solution providers for the Automotive, Personal and Wireless navigation industries, and offers fully customizable, on-board, 3D navigation applications to device manufacturers, auto makers and OEM brands that are custom built according to each customer’s needs. The core technology is based on the award-winning iGO My way software engine, already installed in millions of navigation devices throughout the world. The company’s subsidiary develops its own digital maps. The first international product of NNG was launched in Germany at CeBIT 2006. Since then, NNG has formed partnerships with more than 150 hardware manufacturers worldwide, providing innovative and reliable navigation solutions for 115 countries and in 46 different languages. To find out more about NNG, please visit

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