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The Automotive Resource Network Holdings Announces An Upgrade Of TheARN’s Technology Platform

The Automotive Resource Network Holdings announced that they have finalized plans to upgrade their technology platform and greatly enhanced its functionality.

The enhanced technology platform and re-launch plan has been signed off by the management. It will start immediately and will encompass websites, the compensation plan and commission payment software, and the complex technology for processing the vehicle service contract product. In light of the recent press releases and multiple newly signed agreements (to be announced shortly) TheARN was decisive in the need to upgrade its technology platform.

TheARN will be retooling their websites and that are used by distributors to purchase and sell vehicle service contracts and recruit other distributors. This overall enhancement follows the recent announcement of an improved vehicle service product that covers substantially more than the existing product. In addition, with the adding of a well-known MLM Master Distributor (name to be released very shortly) who will be responsible for mass distributor recruitment, it was imperative to boost the robustness of the software to be able to handle the much anticipated influx of distributors and product sales. TheARN will not only enhance the look and feel of its website but also the functionality and the link between TheARN customer database management system and the MLM back office software system.

As part of the overall plan, TheARN will also be updating and synchronizing a new more robust back office MLM commission software system. The improved software is faster and offers a more friendly user interface with upgraded features that will seamlessly handle the addition of our soon to be added Nano Technology products offered for purchase as well as the Vehicle Service Contracts.

Kathy Roberton, CEO TheARN stated, “I personally am very excited to be at this juncture right now. Interfacing these new robust systems will make the company more cost efficient and profitable as well as provide a more seamless interface to become a distributor, buy products and Vehicles Service Contracts.” Roberton went on to say, “we will be making substantive announcements in the very near future that will not only give our shareholders peace of mind as to our direction but will also announce the network marketing world we are ready for them. I am truly excited about the coming on board of our new track-proven Master Distributor as well as the overall system upgrade and enhancements due to be completed within 45 days.”

About The Automotive Resource Network, Inc.: The Automotive Resource Network, Inc. offers a unique month to month vehicle service contract and roadside assistance products direct to consumers through independent sales channels.

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Mon. July 22nd, 2024

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