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Pcubed’s Head of Innovation Leads Race to Develop the ‘Connected Car’

The car of the future – the so-called ‘Connected Car’ – will have radar capabilities, feature infotainment systems and may well be able to drive itself. Technological advances in automotive development are accelerating at great speed, putting industry innovators such as Pcubed in the driver’s seat.

Colin Brown, Head of Innovation for Pcubed’s North American business, says the company is ready to help bring together classic automotive technology with the many opportunities for development driven by the explosion of interest in the Connected Car.

Brown believes Pcubed is uniquely positioned to connect the dots in bringing disparate development elements together. The company has built up years of automotive sector expertise, with successful engagements with car manufacturers beginning with Ford through Aston Martin and, most recently, Jaguar Land-Rover.

“If you look at how industries organize themselves, pretty much all of them operate in silos and think in a very linear way. Real innovation happens when you are able to work across those silos,” Brown says. “With the technology in cars moving forward more quickly than ever before, it was a natural area to focus on. Pcubed specializes in joining the dots between industries, driving value by going across those silos and opening people’s eyes to the bigger opportunities.”

This month Brown, as the NA President of the British American Business Council, hosted a half-day Silicon Valley conference, Technology on the Move: The Car as the Ultimate Mobile Device, to explore the many opportunities for innovation and investment generated by recent developments in automotive technology.

Innovations discussed by industry experts at the event included connected vehicles able to detect the presence of other vehicles approaching around a blind corner; new standardized industry platforms for in-vehicle computing systems allowing for regular software updates; cheaper electric vehicle solutions, and a whole new vision for car-sharing to improve traffic efficiency in busy cities.

For Brown, getting involved at the cutting edge of automotive technological developments is a clear pathway for the company.

“Pcubed has a very strong track record bringing together classic engineering with new opportunities – our ongoing work with Ford is a great example of how Pcubed can help companies working on advanced technology platforms,” he says. “Pcubed has always worked at the heart of engineering, helping solve complex problems, and moving new technology forward. It’s just these kinds of exciting challenges which draw people to us.”

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