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Focusing on the Market and Services, PTC ASIA 2012 Presents Efficiency

Affected by global economy, the domestic market is also facing enormous pressure of the economic downturn, which can be seen from the convention and exhibition industry. Over the past two years, major companies became more cautious about choosing exhibitions, which are always the stage for corporate promotion. However, with the increasing expansion of the convention and exhibition industry, enterprises become more rational when investing in exhibitions. “Efficiency” becomes an important criterion to appraise one. Either exhibitors or visitors, all enterprises hope to achieve substantial results from exhibitions. James Fu, general manager of Hannover Milano Fairs China Ltd. says, “The high expectations of enterprises also enhance the quality of the exhibition. Based on the principle of ‘Focusing on the Market and Serving Exhibitors’, Hannover puts in-depth interpretations on the market and exhibitors’ demand, and makes reasonable planning of exhibitions and various supporting services. With the support of major companies, PTC ASIA 2012 shows an uptrend despite of the overall recession and further expands the exhibition scale. It can be seen that the platform for both branding and marketing has been widely recognized by the market.”

At this moment, PTC ASIA 2012 has entered the last three months of home stretch. After completing the recruitment of exhibitors, the organizer fully turns to serving exhibitors and visitors, and strives to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of field business communication between them by setting a variety of interactive activities.

The show builds a platform for product manufacturers and users to communicate directly. Through face-to-face interaction, both sides of the market can understand the needs of each other, and thus move closer and achieve a win-win situation in future development. By relying on its abundant resources and strength in industrial fields, the organizer, Hannover, aims at hydraulic, pneumatic, motor, gear, bearing, compression technology, fastener and other exhibit categories, and has invited authoritative organizations from industries such as engineering machinery, petrochemical equipment and automobile manufacturing to jointly organize technical seminars on key application industries. These seminars include 2012 China Excavation Machinery Industry Annual Conference, Reducer Technological Innovation and Application Seminar, and Overall Energy-Saving Solutions to Efficient Motor and System, concentrating on the discussions on the technical standards, application, procurement requirements and future trends of key components in each field of manufacturing.

In addition to the demands for communication, the procurement needs of user enterprises and professional buyers can also be met. The organizer specially cooperates with professional procurement platforms and associations to organize a number of purchasing negotiations for special exhibits, build service areas, and provide the environment with good business atmosphere for the user enterprises with such needs. These measures will completely solve the difficulties of user enterprises to find products on the scene and greatly increase the efficiency. Up to now, many buyer groups, from construction machinery, petroleum machinery, automobile manufacturing, and coal mining machinery, have registered to participate in 2012 PTC ASIA Fasteners Sourcing Event, PTC ASIA 2012 BME Sourcing Event, as well as sourcing and negotiation fairs respectively for petroleum machinery & power transmission equipment, excavating machinery, and engineering machinery.

Over the past two decades, China’s economy has experienced ups and downs, but PTC ASIA has been remaining relatively stable development, rising steadily and expands its scale continuously. The reasons should be that the organizer focuses on the market, actively adjusts strategies, and adds new elements to the exhibition each year. PTC ASIA 2012 will for sure be a grand event for exhibitors and visitors.

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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