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Strong Expansion in China: MESSRING Secures Three Orders for Chinese Automotive Companies

Munich-based MESSRING, the world’s leading manufacturer of crash-test systems, has consolidated its position in the international market with a contract for three state-of-the-art crash-test facilities in China. The automotive manufacturer SMTC and two well-known automotive suppliers, Protech Safety Systems and Taihang, have put their faith in MESSRING’s automotive testing technology. The new test facilities are to be installed in Shanghai, Nanjing, and Suzhou.

MESSRING established a presence on the Chinese and broader Asian market at a very early stage and installed its first complete crash-test system on the continent some ten years ago. Over the past decade, new partners have been convinced above all by the high quality of products, which guarantees that test results can be reproduced, and the “Made in Germany” label. Speaking about the successful negotiations, the CEO of MESSRING, Dierk Arp points out: “We have already built a number of crash-test facilities in Asia and have earned a very good reputation, especially in China. The Chinese are now making significant improvements in the area of road and car safety, which is why this market is vitally important to us.”

MESSRING will build one of the most modern crash-test facilities in Asia for the Chinese automotive manufacturer SMTC, based in Shanghai. The parent company of SMTC, the SAIC Group, whose brands include MG and Röwe (previously Rover), is expected to become one of the world’s ten largest automotive manufacturers by 2020 and is already a major player in the Asian region. The main focus of the advanced crash-test facility will be active safety tests, and some of MESSRING’s most sophisticated components are being used in the construction of the crash-test center.

The state-of-the-art products that will be built into the facility include the new M=WALL load cell wall, which can measure forces along as many as five axes and still deliver highly precise results for impacts of up to 40 tons. All components of the new safety center, such as lighting elements, high-speed cameras, data collection and other measurement tools, can be controlled using MESSRING M=BUS technology. This greatly simplifies operation of the entire system, saving the test engineers significant time when preparing tests. After a successful round of negotiations, MESSRING was able to come up on top of international competition in the middle of the year. As Arp explains, “The new facility in Shanghai will be the most modern car-to-car crash-test facility in all of Asia. I am proud that our new customers have chosen MESSRING and that we were able to come to a good agreement.”

Protech and Taihang, two up-and-coming automotive suppliers in China, are also investing in modern technology from MESSRING. In Nanjing, a new test center is being created for Protech. This will feature a complete MicroTrack crash-test facility with system integration in addition to the M=BUS data collection for on-board and InDummy technology. Joshua Wu, spokesperson for Protech explains why they chose MESSRING for this project, “Only the most competitive automotive suppliers in China will survive on the market, this is why we were looking for perfect accuracy to test our products and MESSRING components definitely offer this feature. MESSRING’s known competence in the field of safety testing has convinced us from the start of the negotiations and made it easy for us to decide which testing company we were going to endorse.”

The contract was awarded by the Chinese GSK Group, an automotive supplier founded in Taiwan in 1953 that has produced components for well-known international brands for many years. The testing facility should be completed by the end of 2013. Looking beyond this project, the two companies plan to work together on a long-term basis after the crash-test facility has been constructed.

The third order is for Taihang, a company based in Suzhou, and comprises the construction of a crash-test facility with two film pits. Here, too, the customer has chosen a complete M=BUS data collection system. Located in the vicinity of Shanghai, the automotive supplier has built airbag systems, seat belt tensioners, and other components since 2002. For this purpose, an innovative facility is required to test in-house products to ensure compliance with the latest standards.


MESSRING Systembau GmbH of Munich is the world’s leading manufacturer of crash test systems and components. The mid-size company designs and builds turnkey test systems for customers in all relevant markets and on nearly all continents. To date, MESSRING has implemented over 90 large crash test systems for automotive OEMs, insurance companies, and governmental facilities – more than any other company. In the process, the global market leader continues to astonish the field time and again with innovative advances and revolutionary new solutions, whether in system design, the actual measurement equipment, or in documentation and recording of individual tests.

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