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Opensource technologies merge communication and transportation

Swiss firm Noser Engineering AG, is a leading provider of information technology – the company’s expertise is focused on four major areas of activity – consulting, solutions, projects and brain sourcing. The company’s automotive division helps customers to stay at the forefront of innovation while adapting to change. Noser’s in-depth Android and Linux embedded expertise, helps automotive OEMs to create the solutions that customers are looking fo

For example, German luxury sports car manufacturer Mercedes- AMG recently commissioned Noser Engineering to develop AMG Performance Media or APM, an Android™ based system as an extension of the existing head unit, which is present in all models. The APM is seamlessly integrated into the existing systems and required no modifications to the vehicles. Thanks to the openness of Android, AMG now has a flexible software system that can be easily extended with new functions and adapted to other vehicle models.

“The whole project took less than two years, from the first evaluation of an early generation of hardware to the stamp of approval by Daimler‘s quality assurance,” says Daniel Bruengger, Head of Automotive, Noser Engineering. “In close cooperation, the project was conducted in an agile way by progressively implementing the system based on customer feedback and requirements. This made it possible for AMG to influence the course of the project significantly, without causing delay.”

The APM is the world’s first production-ready Android based automotive infotainment system. APM provides the driver and passengers with multimedia, internet and telematics data on display. The racing feature allows the driver, while driving around a race track, to measure lap and sector times as well as record vehicle data for later evaluation. The analysis allows for the precise correlation of the position of the vehicle on the track with steering angle, throttle position, brake pressure, and longitudinal and lateral acceleration. This helps the driver maximize the driving pleasure with the AMG.

Android was ported to the Universal Media Interface of Peiker as well as highly adapted to the needs of the APM project. The platform uses a Freescale i.MX35, which enables the visual displays and racing function features to be maxed out to the limit. The system is connected to, and communicates with the vehicle exclusively via SPI over the CAN Bus. This elegant solution makes the system very portable and reliable since the CAN connection must meet the automotive industry’s high safety standards.

Together with Continental AG, Noser Engineering co-developed a range of Android-based dashboard instrumentation providing telemetry data for the new microMAX ‘car-to-go-with-the-app’ concept from Rinspeed. The range of configurable digital instruments supports CAN, touchscreen, USB and Bluetooth and also features optical alerts while offering variable screen resolution.

The microMAX will be showcased from 7 to 17 March 2013 at the 83rd Geneva International Motor Show. microMAX is a new class of vehicle for urban, short distance transport. The all-electric vehicle is 3.6 meters in length, 2.2 meters in height and boasts comfortable seating for a driver plus three passengers. The vehicle is extremely roomy and has a lounge character with a coffee maker, a refrigerator and unlimited connectivity for entertainment or work.

“microMAX aims to encourage potential passengers to make use of the vehicle due to its simplicity and convenience. For every passenger in a vehicle, CO2 emissions and costs decrease. Even the number of traffic jams falls. Modern ride-share centers are web-based or Smartphone-based. They operate in real time, so for example, if you need to go to work or want to go somewhere immediately, you can use the smartphone app to find a microMax driver nearby who will give you a ride. microMAX is the perfect vehicle for short distance transfers,” explains its creator Frank M Rinderknecht, boss of Rinspeed, who set out to revolutionize shortdistance transport.

Recently, Noser Engineering launched a solution that securely connects automobiles and industrial devices to mobile devices, apps and cloud services. Noser Engineering’s mobile teams joined forces to develop a highly flexible, cost-effective and customizable solution which enables Mobile ICS (Industrial Control Systems) and Mobile SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) for industrial and field service operations, and provides the automotive sector with leading-edge mobile services. This allows for the sector to offer added value to its customers across the globe.

Noser Engineering’s solution allows existing mobile devices to connect to target hardware over a new or existing wireless network. The simple, intelligent design allows for a secure, cost-effective interface of multiple devices across multiple software platforms.

 “Noser Engineering’s mobile solution can be customized to connect securely to machines, vehicles, sensors, controls, motors, vents, scanners, gates, locks, and appliances – basically anything with an integrated circuit,” said Dr. Michael Eisenring, Head of Embedded Systems, Noser Engineering AG in a press statement. “Noser Engineering’s Mobile, Embedded and Industry team tapped into decades of experience through its customers across the automotive industry, machine industry, building technology, and healthcare sectors in order to engineer this solution.”

Noser’s DROIDcontrol, is another product aimed at the automotive sector. DROIDcontrol is the new generation real-time Android based ICA solution. It is customizable on Calyx™ or the client’s hardware of choice, and can be delivered in a matter of weeks. It is also the first control system enabling Android royaltyfree application development with reliable realtime control and touchscreen Graphical User Interface (GUI).

DROIDcontrol delivers the next generation, high quality customization for Instrumentation, Control and Automation (ICA). Embedded mobility and connectivity are expected to expand dramatically over the next five years across industrial applications, healthcare, energy and automotive.

“Android is well-suited for industrial grade embedded systems because the development platform is complete, stable, powerful and royalty-free,” said Daniel Bruengger, Head of Automotive, Noser Engineering in an earlier press statement. “DROIDcontrol is showing promise in the automotive, telemetry, building technology and healthcare sectors by significantly reducing development time and providing a high quality ICA solution within as little as four weeks.”

Noser Engineering accelerates projects to market by delivering high quality software engineering solutions and expertise to OEMs and ODMs, Operators, Application Developers, the automotive sector, the manufacturing sector, the Semiconductor sector and Embedded industries. With multi-disciplinary expertise across Android, Windows Phone® 7/8, iOS and System Testing, Noser Engineering provides software engineering for both embedded and mobile solutions,” says the company.   

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