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AWE Tuning Enters McLaren Aftermarket

Starts Special Ops Offering, with Performance Exhaust and High Flow Catalysts

After 21 years serving the German car performance aftermarket, AWE Tuning enters the McLaren aftermarket, with a Performance Catalyst and Exhaust solution for the MP4-12C.

“Every now and then AWE Tuning comes across a vehicle outside of “our marques” so breathtaking that we feel compelled to apply our engineering to it. AWE Tuning “Special Ops” allows us to create for such vehicles outside of the Porsche, Audi and VW markets. And what better way to kick off “Special Ops” with such a special vehicle,” stated AWE Tuning VP of Marketing Jesse Kramer.

The AWE Tuning McLaren MP4-12C Performance Catalysts and Exhaust are hand-crafted from T304 Stainless Steel, subjected to rigorous dynamometer, reliability, power and tone testing, and guarantee Check Engine Light free operation. The system is available as an exhaust and performance catalyst package, or a la carte.

“Due to its dimensions, standard 300 cell HJS catalysts would have been far easier to fit into the McLaren. However, there is no HD (Heavy Duty) spec 300 cell HJS catalyst, and the close engine placement and power output that these catalysts are subject to in the MP4-12C, in our analysis, mandated better. The 200 cell HJS HD catalyst, while significantly more complex to integrate, afforded not only the durability we desired, but the added benefit of significant increased flow over a 300 cell count. In summary, we chose to not settle, because the MP4-12C deserves it,” Kramer went on.

AWE Tuning McLaren MP4-12C Performance Catalysts highlights:

• First 200 cell hi-flow catalyst solution in the world
• Crafted from mandrel bent 3″ T304 Stainless Steel
• Rigorous dynamometer, reliability, power and tone testing
• No Check Engine Light, Guaranteed
• An impressive +46hp and +61tq at the crank
• Available as full exhaust and catalyst solution, or ala carte

AWE Tuning McLaren MP4-12C Performance Exhaust highlights:
• Crafted from mandrel bent 3” T304 Stainless Steel
• Features a small balance opening to product exotic, high pitched wail.
• Available with either Machined Stainless or Black Satin Tips
• Lifetime Warranty

More information, performance specifications and pricing can be found on AWE Tuning’s website in the AWE Tuning McLaren MP4-12C section, or by contacting AWE Tuning at 1.888.565.2257, 215.658.1670 or The exhaust will be sold through one of AWE Tuning’s global network of choice retailers around the globe

About AWE Tuning
AWE Tuning is the authority in Performance engineering for German automobiles. From award winning hand-crafted performance exhausts to track tested big turbo kits to vetted performance products including G.I.A.C., Bilstein, H&R, Brembo and more, AWE Tuning innovates, designs, retails and distributes choice performance products globally through its preferred network of dealers, online and from its headquarters outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since 1991, AWE Tuning’s elite team of researchers, engineers, innovators and drivers have track-tested and introduced premium performance upgrades for some of the finest automobiles in the world.

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Sat. July 20th, 2024

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