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Bosch and NIRA Strengthen their Cooperation

A contract between Bosch and NIRA has recently been signed regarding the installation of the indirect tire pressure monitoring system, TPI by NIRA, into Bosch slip control systems sold worldwide. Jorg Sturmhoebel, CMO at NIRA, said: “We have known Bosch for many years as a reliable and competent partner and we are of course very proud to be an iTPMS supplier for them. This contract opens up business opportunities and markets worldwide for us, which we as a small company among the giants of the automotive industry could never achieve alone.”

With this contract, NIRA will be well established as a Bosch supplier and Tier 2 in the automotive industry. This has already had an effect on the growth of NIRA’s customer portfolio and will lead to an expansion in terms of test drivers, engineers and facilities. As a result of increasing safety and environmental awareness, many markets will require the standard fitment of both slip control systems and TPMS. The worldwide fitment rate for iTPMS is therefore expected to grow from currently around 5% to more than 25% by 2018. NIRA, as the current market leader for iTPMS, is determined to keep its strategic and advantageous position. The cooperation with Bosch is a major step towards this goal.

About NIRA Dynamics
NIRA Dynamics AB is a world-leading supplier of iTPMS (indirect Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems). Different from direct TPMS with sensors in the wheels, TPI by NIRA (Tire Pressure Indicator) is a purely software-based technology to efficiently and reliably monitor the tire pressure. TPI is usually integrated into slip control systems like ABS or ESP and used in more than 5 million vehicles around the world. NIRA has a workforce of about 50 engineers and is located in Linkoping, Sweden.

About Bosch
The Bosch Group is the world’s largest automotive supplier, with a presence in many other business areas, and has more than 300,000 employees. Bosch is renowned for a tradition of successfully bringing ground-breaking automotive innovations to the volume market. Bosch is the global market leader for slip control systems.

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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