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Connected and Self-Driving Vehicle Sessions Bring Technology and Automotive Leaders Together

2013 CAR Management Briefing Seminars, August 5-8

Sessions on Monday and Tuesday afternoon of the 2013 CAR Management Briefing Seminars will highlight the progression of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) active safety as they converge towards an autonomous and connected vehicle future.

Newsworthy topics discussed during sessions:

Monday August 5

Perspectives on the Future of Connected Vehicle Technology:

— Hear the latest information on the USDOT’s Connected Vehicle Safety
— Learn how West Coast tech companies (such as Cisco and Qualcomm) are
engaging with the automotive industry to develop connectivity solutions
— Find out what the telematics and telecom industries are pursuing for
next-generation connected vehicle products and services Tuesday August 6

Innovate or Mandate: The Road to Self-Driving Vehicles:

— Receive information about forthcoming advanced driver assistance systems
(ADAS) and how they will improve vehicle safety
— Learn what efforts are underway to develop automated vehicle
technologies in Michigan and elsewhere
— Discover when you might first have your vehicle drive you home
— Gain insight into how innovation and regulation are interacting to drive
development of vehicle safety systems On Monday afternoon, August 5, the Perspectives on the Future of Connected Vehicle Technology session will investigate what the telematics and telecom industries are pursuing for next-generation connected vehicle products and services. With the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s anticipated 2013 announcement of its regulatory intent regarding vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) active safety, the future of connected vehicle safety applications soon should be much clearer.

Featured Speakers

— Dr. James Sayer, Research Scientist and Head, Human Factors Group,
University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute
— Roy Goudy, Senior Principal Engineer, Technical Center North America,
— Thomas Apostolos, President, Ricardo, Inc.
— Dr. Chris Borroni-Bird, Vice President, Strategic Development, Qualcomm
Technologies Inc.
— Frank Hirschenberger, Senior Director, Product Innovation, Agero
— Andreas Mai, Director, Product Management, Connected Industries, Cisco
Systems, Inc.
— Thom Russell, Director, Marketing, Verizon Wireless During the Tuesday, August 6, Innovate or Mandate: The Road to Self-Driving Vehicles session, get a look at how the automotive industry continues to innovate and deploy more advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that form the basic building blocks of self-driving vehicles. Meanwhile, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and several state governments are developing roadmaps for regulation of these systems. This session provides a view of the “self-driving” future and how industry and regulators will get there.

Featured Speakers

— Kirk T. Steudle, P.E., Director, Michigan Department of Transportation
— Chuck Gulash, Senior Executive Engineer, Toyota Technical Center, Toyota
Motor Engineering & Manufacturing, North America, Inc.
— Samir Salman, CEO, NAFTA Region, Continental North America
— Scott Winchip, Regional President, North America, Chassis Systems
Control, Robert Bosch LLC
— Mitch Bainwol, President & CEO, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
— Dr. Bjorn Giesler, Project Lead, Development of Piloted Driving, Audi AG
— Dr. Mitchell Rohde, Co-Founder & CEO, Quantum Signal More than 900 automotive industry stakeholders are expected to attend the CAR Management Briefing Seminars, an annual industry event which takes place each year at the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa, near Traverse City, Michigan. The conference covers the breadth of the industry with 10 topical seminars focused on global manufacturing strategies, lightweighting, connected and autonomous vehicles, powertrain developments, sales forecasting, purchasing, policy, strategy, designing for technology, and capital investment.

For detailed information, visit the event’s website at Media representatives may register at no charge via the CAR MBS website. All media registrations are subject to approval. Follow #MBS2013 on Twitter for the latest conference updates, sponsored by Plex Systems.

The Center for Automotive Research is a non-profit organization based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Its mission is to conduct research on significant issues related to the future direction of the global automotive industry, organize and conduct forums of value to the automotive community and foster industry relationships. For more information, visit the CAR website:

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