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Meggitt Sensing Systems partners with KDP Electronic Systems Ltd. as distribution partner for UK

Meggitt Sensing Systems, a Meggitt company and leader in sensing and monitoring systems for extreme environments, has announced a new distribution relationship with KDP Electronic Systems Ltd., based in Gamlingay, UK.

KDP will represent the Sensorex brand for the test and measurement market in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Sensorex develops high-performance products for aerospace, industrial and railway applications including displacement transducers, signal conditioners and electronic interfaces, sensors and conditioners, and shock recorders as well as inclinometer, accelerometer and inertial systems.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to add Meggitt Sensing Systems well respected Sensorex product line to our portfolio. These high-quality sensors and inertial systems are a requirement in a wide range of test and measurement applications, and we look forward to offering them to our customers here in the UK,” said KDP Sales Manager Jeremy Bryceson.

Founded in 1972, KDP is a design consultancy and manufacturer with a focus on the defense, aerospace and general industrial market sectors. Manufacturing production comprises PCB construction, general assembly, cable-form wiring, and cabinet assembly and wiring as well as production of prototype mechanical assemblies and small-scale production. Its laboratory is configured for design, development and test/calibration. Encapsulation of products is performed in a dedicated facility within the factory. And a stores facility provides secure storage for general stock, bonded stock and finished goods.

“The addition of KDP represents an important extension of availability of our Sensorex line in the UK and Ireland. In addition, the test and measurement market offers significant potential for growth. Our partnership with KDP is a key step in continuing to expand the Meggitt Sensing Systems presence in the market,” said Terry Weed, Vice President of Meggitt Measurement Group.

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About Meggitt Sensing Systems
Meggitt Sensing Systems ( is a division of Meggitt PLC ( specializing in sensing and monitoring systems that measure physical parameters in extreme environments in the aerospace, energy and measurement markets. Meggitt Sensing Systems brands include Endevco, Ferroperm, Sensorex, Wilcoxon Research and Vibro-Meter.

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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