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Zotek N –The Future solution for Thermoplastic Composite

Zotefoams, the world leading supplier of closed cell, cross-linked block foams continues to develop the high temperature cross linked nylon based Zotek N foam into new innovative applications with automotive and composite industries at the fore.

The super lightweight Zotek N foam is currently being developed with major players with key advantages being in higher temperature composite processing favoured by the aviation industry and also due its ability to withstand eco paint systems temperatures currently employed by the major automotive manufacturers.

Chris Endres, Business Development manager of Zotek N said, “The great challenge of the near future is to reduce weight and emissions with neutral cost. Often the automotive and aviation industry talk up the use of carbon fibre materials to partly achieve the weight reduction part of the equation, but lose out on cost. The goal of the new development is to produce thermoplastic solutions that will process and perform like current steels and aluminium to solve these challenges”.

Zotek N continues to find further success in all industries and in many applications which utilise the materials unique and key benefits of high temperature, low weight, chemical resistance, excellent insulation, impact/energy absorption. Zotek N is used in a wide range of applications such as thermal insulation panels, acoustic solutions, heat shields, seals and gaskets.

About Zotefoams Plc.
Zotefoams Plc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of light weight, cross-linked, closed-cell block foams. These pure, consistent foams are manufactured using a unique environmentally friendly nitrogen expansion technology. Zotefoams was the first to develop cross-linked polyolefin block foams and is increasingly using its production technology to manufacture foamed materials based on high-performance polymers. Based in Croydon, U.K., Zotefoams also manufactures in Kentucky, U.S.A. and markets its products worldwide through a global sales network.

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Wed. April 17th, 2024

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