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New Ruukki Ramor 550 Protection Steel Enables Increasingly Lighter Structures

Ruukki is expanding its range of Ramor protection steels with a new Ramor 550 grade designed for ballistic protection. New Ramor 550 is six times harder and stronger than mild steel. Designed for applications requiring protection against explosions or ballistic threats, Ramor protection steels combine excellent ballistic properties with hardness and high strength.

“Tested and certified Ramor 550 steel is ideal for armoured vehicles, military vehicles and equipment, safe rooms and other applications where structural weight saving is required without compromising on protection properties ,” explains Jani Kastell, Sales manager, Ramor at Ruukki.

Excellent engineering properties

Ruukki uses its innovative direct-quenching technology to achieve high hardness and strength. Ramor steels have excellent surface quality, flatness and dimensional accuracy, together with good cutting, bending and welding properties. Ramor steels can be welded using all conventional welding methods. Ramor 550 has the best workshop properties in its hardness class and has as good workability as Ramor 500.

Besides new Ramor 550, Ruukki manufactures Ramor 400 and Ramor 500 protection steels. Ramor 400 protects against high pressures caused by explosions and blasts. Ramor 550 and 500 provide protection from kinetic energy projectiles. Ramor protection steels are available as strip and plate products.

The improved ballistic properties of Ramor 550 steel mean up to 10-20% lighter structures, which in turn cuts fuel consumption and enables higher payloads.

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Sat. July 13th, 2024

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