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Cost-effective in-car navigation system for connected cars in Japan

Abalta Technologies and S1nn Collaborate with Leading Japanese Map Publisher, ZENRIN DataCom, to Bring Navigation to Luxury Cars

Automotive software solution developer, Abalta Technologies, and leading head unit developer, S1nn, have completed an integration of an advanced Japanese navigation solution from ZENRIN DataCom. To date, integrating in-car navigation systems for luxury cars sold in Japan has been resource-intensive and time-consuming. This joint solution allows automakers’ to meet consumer demand in a cost-effective, timely way.

Abalta supplies an advanced car connectivity solution, WEBLINK, which enables smartphones to operate as the primary in-vehicle computing device in connected cars. S1nn announced its partnership with Abalta in June and recently presented its WEBLINK-enabled head unit system, which has successfully shown several applications running on it since that time. By enabling both mobile and automotive versions of an application, WEBLINK allows automakers to cost-effectively equip vehicles with up-to-date and customized apps specifically tailored for a safe and seamless experience.

“Navigation continues to be the most sought after application for car owners, and they want their experience to match what they are used to on their smartphone,” said Philipp Popov, Managing Director of S1nn. “The ZENRIN DataCom Japanese navigation app runs natively on a smartphone, so WEBLINK can seamlessly sync it with S1nn’s head unit, providing a superior in-car experience for consumers. This is good news for automakers seeking to offer this experience, while also giving them flexibility to bring in the latest applications.”

“Integrating our navigation solution with WEBLINK was a valuable engineering exercise for us, and we are delighted with the end result,” said ZENRIN DataCom. “Bringing our products to high-end branded cars will be much easier, and we know this will make life easier for both automakers and car owners alike.”

“Running specialty applications with up-to-date data can very efficiently be achieved by leveraging a smartphone, where the latest technical standards are being set,” said Michael O’Shea, CEO and president of Abalta Technologies. “Showing the ZENRIN application for Japanese navigation running in high-end luxury cars addresses a key concern around the cost of such solutions for automakers.”

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About ZENRIN DataCom Co., Ltd
People in the 21st century need a new “compass” to guide them through a modern society that is inundated with all kinds of information. ZENRIN DataCom’s, our vision is to become the new compass that helps people easily obtain the information they want at any time. To attain this vision, their services have been designed such that anyone can use them on any mobile device. Furthermore, by offering real-time map updates with high-resolution digital maps they can provide services reflecting the most current state of the ever-changing city landscape. With a strong base and long history in the Japan market, ZENRIN DataCom is expanding to multiple international markets with releases in 2013/14, bringing their know-how and experience to new markets.

About S1nn
S1nn is a privately held company founded in 2004 with headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. S1nn focuses on solutions in infotainment, telematics, connectivity, and audio systems with a broad customer base in Europe and the United States. Through its global footprint with development offices in Germany as well as California and an outsourced global manufacturing network, S1nn is an established supplier of the complete range of volume products for large automotive OEMs to high-end custom solutions for luxury vehicles. For more information, visit

About Abalta Technologies
Since 2003, Abalta Technologies has been focused on delivering innovative software solutions to the automotive industry. From embedded automotive applications to connected vehicle solutions, Abalta has worked with OEMs and Tier One suppliers to deliver meaningful innovations to their customers. Each member of our team has helped pave the way for the advancement of the connected vehicle today. Abalta continues to maintain an unrivaled expertise across mobile platforms and maintains long-standing relationships with a portfolio of over 60 of the most recognizable brands in the world. We have helped transform our customers’ mobile product visions into meaningful experiences for businesses and consumers alike. Please visit

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Wed. July 17th, 2024

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