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ITURAN® Leads Transition to 3G GPS via Innovative New Products

ITURAN, a company specializing in GPS-enabled vehicle tracking technology, is leading the way forward into 3G GPS.

For years, GPS tracking and vehicle protection technologies have made use of low-cost 2G bandwidth – but with most cell phones now requiring 3G or 4G, companies like AT&T and Verizon are phasing out their 2G networks; in what experts call the “2G sunset,” 2G bandwidth will be altogether extinct in the next three years. This has left many GPS technology companies in a bind, but one corporation, ITURAN, is leading the charge forward.

In a new press statement, ITURAN USA’s Product Director, Meir Schwartz, says the decline of 2G has urgent effects for all who use GPS technology, but for BHPH dealers in particular.

While many companies that make GPS products are scrambling to adapt, ITURAN began the transition to 3G more than 18 months ago. “We made the jump not only because we knew that 2G was becoming an antique, but because there are many practical benefits of using 3G over 2G,” Schwartz says. “3G offers better, more consistent coverage and connectivity, which means that those who use our products simply have greater assurance that the technology will be functional when they really need it to be.”

Schwartz says ITURAN’s line of BHPH products is without equal. “Because we manufacture our own products, we have the ability to create a hardware platform that can cater to multiple types of cellular networks,” he explains. “What this means is that we have been able to create a device that works with any type of GSM or CDMA network, implementing only the most minor changes to the existing HW platform.” Schwartz concludes, “Our clients are already seeing the benefits of this in an altogether more robust and responsive line of products.”

ITURAN Leads Transition to 3G GPS via Innovative New Products

“When I read about the ‘2G sunset,’ I made a decision to use ITURAN’s 3G GPS products for my asset protection needs, and I am now glad that I did. The 3G products offer much better, more consistent productivity, and to know that I will be able to keep using those devices for the long-term give me great peace of mind. This, combined with the robust set of features, makes ITURAN’s product line superior, in my estimation.” Allen White, Automax

Since its founding in 1995, ITURAN has become a technology company acclaimed for its many innovations. Controlit® is a collection tool, powered by GPS tracking, that includes such features as parking behavior reports, multiple geozones, automatic payment alerts, vehicle location abilities, and remote engine disabling. ITURAN is a financially sound and publicly traded company, appearing on the NASDAQ under the symbol ITRN. More information about ITURAN is available at

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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