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Texas Instruments drives customer applications one lane closer to an autonomous driving experience

New TDA2x SoC family with cutting-edge Vision AccelerationPac enables auto manufacturers to redefine next-gen advanced driver assistance systems at significantly lower power consumption

Electronic Systems for Motor Vehicles — Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) today unveiled an automotive System-on-Chip (SoC) family, the TDA2x, incorporating an innovative Vision AccelerationPac with features to help customers create advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that help reduce the number of collisions on the road and enable autonomous driving experiences. Unlike any other processors in the industry, TI’s highly integrated TDA2x device family combines an optimal mix of high performance, vision analytics, video, graphics and general purpose processing cores in a low power envelope, enabling a broad range of ADAS applications including front camera, surround view and sensor fusion. Furthermore, TI’s unique Vision AccelerationPac complements the industry’s leading TMS320C66x digital signal processors (DSP) generation cores, and enables more ADAS algorithms to run simultaneously.

Meet the technology behind your redefined driving experience With the TDA2x family, TI’s customers will be able to fully achieve embedded automotive vision by enabling the industry’s broadest range of ADAS applications on a common architecture, allowing algorithm investments to be shared across multiple systems. The TDA2x enables front camera applications including high beam assist, lane keep assist, advanced cruise control, traffic signal recognition, pedestrian / object detection, and collision avoidance to run simultaneously. Additionally, the TDA2x enables park assist applications including intelligent 2D and 3D surround view and rear collision warning and can also run a pedestrian/object detection algorithm developed for the front camera. TI’s TDA2x also serves as a central processor for fused radar and camera sensor data, allowing more robust ADAS decision making.

The TDA2x SoC is based on a heterogeneous, scalable architecture that includes TI’s fixed-and floating-point C66x DSP cores, a fully programmable Vision AccelerationPac, ARM® Cortex(TM)-A15 MPCore(TM) processors and dual Cortex-M4 cores along with video and graphics cores and a host of peripherals. The Vision AccelerationPac is designed to run low to mid-level vision processing functions, offloading the DSP and ARM cores. The result is optimal performance at the lowest power footprint.

A closer look at the Vision AccelerationPac Delivering more than 8xcompute performance at the same power budget for advanced vision analytics in a more cost-effective footprint, TI’s programmable Vision AccelerationPac is at the forefront of innovation. Built on TI’s extensive knowledge of algorithms and designed to meet the dynamic needs of the ADAS market, the Vision AccelerationPac contains one or more multiple Embedded Vision Engines (EVEs), to offer a purpose built ADAS accelerator like no other on the market today. Comprised of an optimized vector coprocessor and a 32-bit programmable RISC core, these engines allow for flexible development by automotive Tier 1s and OEMs. Additionally, the engines are capable of running simultaneous ADAS algorithms faster, and with greater power-efficiency than ever before.

Bundled software saves ADAS developers time, resources and budget Ensuring customers are equipped with the right tools, software and support needed to quickly bring the next generation of ADAS features to life, TI developed the TDA2x with the programmability to differentiate and adapt to the needs of the ever changing ADAS market. TI offers royalty-free software libraries and framework to provide developers an optimized collection of vision and imaging functions to take full advantage of the TDA2x and Vision AccelerationPac’s architecture while reducing development efforts and time to market. A full suite of development boards are also available, along with TI’s world-class field team support to further accelerate ramp to start of production.

ISO 26262 Functional Safety Deliverables The TDA2x is under development respecting the relevant requirements of ISO 26262 functional safety standard. Supporting safety documentation will be available to customers upon device PPAP and release.

Pricing and availability
The TDA2x is currently sampling and is intended for high-volume automotive manufacturers. Please contact your local TI sales representative for more information.

TI’s Power Management ICs
TI’s fully integrated power management IC, TPS659039-Q1, has been specifically designed for seamless operation together with the TDA2x SoC family. The TPS659039-Q1 includes tailor-made features that manage all system power requirements for TI’s TDA2x processors while maximizing power efficiency and reliability. TI’s PMIC solutions are designed specifically to pair with TI’s TDA2x, which helps customers accelerate their time to market and reduce their development risk.

Visit TI @ “Electronic Systems for Motor Vehicles” conference in Baden-Baden While at the conference, visit TI at Booth O to learn more about the latest automotive solutions and news, and to check out a broad range of TI-based demos.

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— Follow TI on Twitter and like TI on Facebook Texas Instruments drives automotive innovation TI’s state-of-the-art semiconductor products allow manufacturers and system suppliers to deliver world-class features to the automotive market. Our extensive automotive portfolio includes analog power management, interface and signal chain solutions, along with DLP(®) displays, ADAS and infotainment processors, Hercules(TM) TMS570 microcontrollers and wireless connectivity solutions. TI offers SafeTI(TM) devices designed to help facilitate OEMs’ compliance with the requirements of ISO 26262, as well as parts specifically designated as compliant with the AEC-Q100 and TS16949 standards, all with product documentation. TI components will be specifically identified as being compliant to an industry standard, when that is the case; if not so identified, no such compliance should be assumed. Click here to learn more.

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