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Sinnotech GmbH: Precision Parts Made in Germany – in the Middle of the Bavarian Forest

Opened back in October of 1970, the Bavarian Forest National Park, Germany’s first, is an ecosystem that ensures natural processes can take place undisturbed. And while the area is known as the land of wolves and bears, it’s also recognized for its small, specialized manufacturing-supplier companies, such as Sinnotech GmbH, in Neuschoenau.

Within the Bavarian Forest, Sinnotech has created its own ecosystem — of the manufacturing variety.

Peter Simmet, father of the company’s present owner and managing director, Florian Simmet, started the business 25 years ago, when he supplied mainly to the Bavarian automotive tier-one suppliers and the energy industry. The strength of Sinnotech’s business is in its ability to quickly deliver precise, small parts for prototyping and, or, serial usage in car components. This company’s ability to diversify is mainly due to the usage of ESPRIT® computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) software, by DP Technology Corp., for the programming of its parts.

Sinnotech uses ESPRIT for an array of machining needs, including turning, milling up to three axes simultaneously, and multi-tasking. It also uses the software to drive different brands of machining centers, including those made by Okuma, Traub and DMG MORI SEIKI.

“There are multiple reasons for using ESPRIT to program our machines,” Florian Simmet states. “First of all, it allows us to work directly on the geometry provided by our customers without any loss in data. It offers an easy user interface, integrated technology databases, and automation capabilities, including the Knowledge Base, that have allowed us to reduce programing time by 60 percent since day one.”
Additional features appreciated by the company are the modularity, or ability to acquire specific modules of ESPRIT that directly relate to the company’s needs, and the pricing policy of DP Technology. These benefits allowed Sinnotech to start small and grow over time, in sync with customer expectations. Last, but not least, the flexibility of the ESPRIT post processor allows Sinnotech to easily adapt to new machines and new features on machines, and to eventually optimize processes.

“We are just about to buy a new Okuma mill-turn machining center, which will also be served by ESPRIT. It is so easy for me to add this machine with all features needed for programing and simulation in ESPRIT. I can then program the full mill-turn process, including all operations in ESPRIT, simulate it completely, and generate the G-Code accordingly,” Florian Simmet confirms.

Sinnotech has been using an adapted version of the KBM, or ESPRIT KnowledgeBase™, delivered with ESPRIT for all drilling, boring and threading operations. It added all repetitive processes to the ESPRIT KBM to get the maximum out of ESPRIT.

“I will continue expending the usage of the KBM technology to other features like pockets to make sure that all programmers work the same way, always with the same quality, and always using our best-practice processes within ESPRIT,” says Florian Simmet. “It is the easiest way to standardize and automate, to optimize our programming process. I have seen another 10 percent increase in productivity using that technology.”

Sinnotech is planning a move to a bigger location to better serve its customers. Using ESPRIT and operating from the heart of the Bavarian Forest, it will remain precise, fast and agile as it responds quickly with high-quality parts that fulfill customer needs.

For more information, contact:

In North America: DP Technology Corp., 1150 Avenida Acaso, Camarillo, California 93012, USA. Telephone: +1-805-388-6000, Fax: +1-805-388-3085. E-mail:, Website:

In Europe: Hélène Horent, DP Technology Europe, MIBI, 672 rue du Mas de Verchant, 34000 Montpellier, France. Tel: +33 (0)4 67 64 99 40, Cell: +33 (0)6 50 76 78 77, Fax: +33 (0)4 67 64 99 41. Email: or, Website:

In Germany and Austria, DP Technology GmbH, Kirschaeckerstr 23 – Eingang 2, D-96052 Bamberg. Telefon: +49 (951) 299 526-0, Fax: +49 (951) 299 526-29. E-Mail: Website:

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